OU Sooners Defense Stifles Florida State Offense in First Half

Gregory RogersContributor IISeptember 17, 2011

The Sooner Defensive Leader is Back on the Field!
The Sooner Defensive Leader is Back on the Field!Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Oklahoma defense had reasons to feel good the second they heard No. 28 linebacker Travis Lewis was cleared to start.

Florida State had scored 62 points last week, but they were not playing the No.1-ranked team in the nation. Instead, they played Charleston Southern. 

Against Charleston, they had a total offense of 647 yards by the time the clock expired. Unless they have an amazing second half, they will be fortunate to post half that total against the Sooners.

Holding the vaunted FSU offense is to only a field goal for the first half is a major win for OU. 

What is even more impressive was how they did it. They applied great pressure on quarterback E.J. Manuel, allowing only two scrambles. Otherwise, they held Manuel to far below his typical numbers.  middle linebacker Tom Wort has made several key tackles and also deflected a pass. The best part was that he deflected it to himself, and then had a nice return to complete the play. 

This was especially important because this was down in the red zone, stifling a great scoring chance for the Seminoles.

The OU offense did have one turnover when an FSU defensive player hit Landry Jones as he released the ball, impacting the quarterback's arm. The ball fluttered into the air and a Seminole defender made a great catch to create the interception. 

On the first drive, the offense looked awesome as they marched for an eight minute drive and punched the ball into the end zone by running through the Seminole defense for the final 25 yards. 

Two other drives reached the two yard line. The first drive was stopped when a linebacker shot the gap and stopped running back Dominique Whaley in the backfield. 

A field goal was made on a fine kick by Stephens. The second drive was pushed back on a holding penalty but again Stephens made the FG.

At halftime, the Sooners have a 13-3 lead. As well as the defense has played, if they do as well in the second half even another TD and FG may be enough to win it.

Boomer Sooner!