WWE Night of Champions 2011: Predicting the Winners

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 17, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011: Predicting the Winners

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    There have been many of these out there, but I decided to throw my two cents into the pile as well.

    The slideshow is very simple and direct—I will be discussing who I believe the winner of each match will be and why. In all my other Night of Champions articles I summarized the PPV itself, talked about each match and its importance, but never announced who I though was going to win them. 

    That is going to change here.

    With all of that said, and if anyone is interested and wanting to know, here are my predictions of the winners at Night of Champions.

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly: WWE Divas Title

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    People say the future of the division is what's on the line in this match. 

    People out there are saying Kelly Kelly is not deserving of the title, and she is nothing more than a barbie doll who has no wrestling skills. I myself even wrote an article on the matter. All of that only means that the match has importance to it and attention going into it.

    That is a big change, considering Divas matches were considered the "bathroom break" of the show for years in WWE. People think this match is important and so do I. This match will probably open the show in all likelihood, considering that all the titles are on the line that night.

    Beth Phoenix has shown she is more than worthy of the title and has picked apart her opponents for a long while. She stated that she is going to take back the division and the days of barbie doll models being champion is over. Many people are behind her and she has momentum going into the match.

    Kelly Kelly, on the other hand, does not have much going for her and appears that many do not think she should have a realistic chance. Every time she wrestles it is less than five minutes, and she does not appear to know how to do much in the ring—and that is just plain fact when looked at in the ring during her reign.

    There is not much to say about Kelly Kelly other than her good looks, and that is for the people who think she is a great-looking person. Nonetheless, the match has importance to people and that means there is much care for the division.

    WINNER: Beth Phoenix

    I think WWE will finally hand her the title and give her the much needed and deserved chance she has been waiting for. Why not? She is showing that she wants change; to go with that angle would certainly spark new life into the division, and see other divas having to prove themselves against Beth Phoenix. 

    It is what WWE needs right now, and I believe this Sunday there will be a new Divas Champion. 

Awesome Truth vs. Air Boom: WWE Tag Team Titles

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    This is the match that will revive the tag team division in the eyes of many, and rightfully so.

    In this match, you have Air Boom taking on Awesome Truth, and these guys have something to prove to each other. Awesome Truth members The Miz and R-Truth both believe they have been held back and pushed down by the higher-ups of the WWE, and they want that to change.

    They both have scored pin-fall victories over the members of Air Boom, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. They have the edge going into the PPV and that is key if they want the victory. Air Boom needs to show that they are the tag team that beat Team Nexus for the title and defended against them successfully.

    They are a great duo that can show off their high-flyer moves and can be very dangerous. They have been on a losing streak, and they need this victory to show that they are the tag team champions and deserves to be treated as such.

    It will be a great match that will display the style of every wrestler and one that will not disappoint the fans.

    WINNERS: Team "Air Boom."

    Awesome Truth may have everything going for them, but something is telling me that it is not their time yet. They are a great team that is entertaining to watch every time they show up, and they know how to put themselves over. Air Boom needs to be taken seriously by the fans, and having them drop the titles so early would not be showing the fans that.

    Awesome Truth only has a cause if they can keep proving that they are being put down somehow. Putting them over by giving them the Tag Titles this early would be giving them too much power too quickly.

    I love Awesome Truth but I do not think they will obtain the gold at this PPV

Fatal Four Way: United States Title

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    This is the match I chose to steal the show, and it has the potential to.

    The match features three stars that have main-evented, are proven main-eventers, and have held gold on them. All of the participants have a unique style and it will all come out in this match. 

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler have a feud going right now over who Vickie really wants to manage. She appears to have gone back and forth on them, and chances are it will play a factor in the match. Both of them have shown they have great wrestling abilities, and they are going to go at it.

    John Morrison is making his return after not being used so much lately by WWE, and here is his shot to show WWE that he is still a main-event-caliber guy. His unique style is a draw, and people love to watch him work. He is a big dark horse in this match, and all because he is being put back into the title picture does not mean he will not win. 

    Alex Riley is the one who is the the big question mark. Who is he really? How does he wrestle? Can he compete with these guys and does he have a real shot? The reason why this match is even happening is because of him making a stand against Dolph Ziggler, by telling him to stop hiding behind a woman.

    He has the attitude and the crowd has shown a liking to him. Do not forget, months ago people were chanting his name all around arenas across the country. The fact that people are not sure what to expect from him is what is in his favor. People do not know and because of that it will be hard to prepare for him.

    Jack Swagger has the most momentum going into the match because every time he has wrestled he has shown dominance in his performance. He made John Morrison tap out on Raw and when it comes to Dolph Ziggler, he can more than take him.

    WINNER: John Morrison.

    Why? Because I think Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger will be too busy with each other to focus on him and Alex Riley. They all will show great performances and all of them will prove their worth. However, John Morrison in all likelihood will take advantage of something happening between Jack and Dolph to pick up the victory here.

    From there, Alex Riley will probably challenge for the title since he was the original one in the first place. Those two will go at it while Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger continue their feud. Sure, the feud could continue if either Dolph of Swagger won, but something tells me WWE is going to give John Morrison a push again.

    Than again, anything can happen.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase, Jr.: Intercontinental Champion

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    This is going to be a great match despite an article on this site saying otherwise.

    The Intercontinental Title is one of more the important titles of the company, and it has been treated that way since Cody Rhodes has held it. He has played his character to perfection and is showing he is not stopping any time soon.

    People love this guy, and the fans love his paper bags. He has barely lost, and has been very dominant on Smackdown. He even scored a victory over the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. He has been entertaining, and a great wrestler in the ring.

    Others say he is starting to become stale, but I think he is only getting better. Ted DiBiase has been used and thrown away like he is a failed experiment. He has pushed back and now will get his shot at the title. He is a great wrestler himself and there is no reason to skip this match.

    It will be entertaining back-and-forth action, and most importantly will give us a preview into what to expect from these guys in the future. This feud has only begun and I and the fans cannot wait to see where this one will be heading.

    WINNER: Cody Rhodes.

    Unless WWE goes with the element of surprise and goes with Ted, I do not think they will take the title off of Cody Rhodes so easily. These guys are both 2nd generation superstars, and WWE wants to see how they can take this. It has great potential, and WWE at some point will hand Ted the title, I believe.

    Night of Champions is a night were Ted will have a great showing against Cody but not the night he will beat him.

    I cannot wait for this match because it is a match that has great potential.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton: World Heavyweight Title

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    This match has been hyped up by WWE a lot and does have a lot of promise to it.

    This match will not be a bore at all—that is, to those who like to dominance in the ring. Mark Henry has done nothing but be the man he should have been for the past fifteen years since he has been with the company.

    He has ripped through his opponents for months on end, injured big-time stars, and it appears he is a freight train—an unstoppable force. Many are saying it is still not his time and I disagree, because if it is not his time now when is it going to be?

    Others say that this is exactly what WWE should have done years ago and now is the time for him to take the title from Orton. He has all the momentum going into the match, and has shown nothing but dominance of him. 

    Randy Orton is not afraid of Mark Henry, and he claims that Henry really does not stand a good chance against him—and there are people out there who believe just that. He has something to prove against Mark Henry, and that is he is still number one on Smackdown

    If he were to lose to Mark Henry, his power would be in question. He has been the face of Smackdown since being drafted there and he is not going to give that up for anything. He loves the spotlight he is in and being the face of wrestling.

    The title means the world to Randy Orton and he will do anything in his power to keep it away from Mark Henry. The match will be long and entertaining, and for a better part it will be dominated by Mark Henry—but Randy Orton fires back with all he has.

    WINNER: Mark Henry.

    He has to win. Randy Orton has been the face of Smackdown, but a change must come. Randy has his rematch clause and this feud is nowhere near over, but taking the momentum away from Mark Henry by making him lose puts down everything he has done for the past couple of months.

    Mark Henry does deserve to be champion, and if WWE wants to the feud to continue, make it interesting, and continue their unpredictability, they will hand Mark Henry the title. 

    Besides, something tells me that Christian just might make an appearance as well.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio: WWE Title

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    This match has been rushed and poorly developed, and the poor reaction the fans are giving it has shown that.

    I am not sure when is the last time people were so uninterested in a WWE title match, let alone the WWE title match. I do not blame the fans, however, because WWE has not shown that they care about this match. The hype for it is not even worth talking about because there barely has been any.

    Since Alberto Del Rio won the title from CM Punk at Summerslam, he has been on a big singles-match winning streak. He has not lost a singles match on television and has looked strong in his wrestling.

    John Cena, on the other hand, has not wrestled a lot and when he has he was mostly doing his usual Super Cena stuff, where he is either beat up and comes back, or just dominates an opponent. Either one of these guys have not shown the fans why they deserve the title.

    John Cena has gone out and said Alberto Del Rio has destroyed any prestige the title has and he is not a real champion. He is going to kick his ass and that is it. Alberto Del Rio counters with... I wish I could tell everyone reading this.

    The match itself has not a lot going for it, and many do not care who wins or think John Cena will do his Super Cena magic and win the match and ruin anything it has going for it.

    In all of that, however, I believe that the match the fans will get will be a huge one and an entertaining one. WWE may not have hyped it well, but I think they will make up for it by putting on a great match.

    It will go back and forth and a lot of near-falls will happen.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    He will win dirty. To me, it is the only way WWE will get John Cena out of this match without making him look weak. The Mexico shows are coming up, and the reason for Alberto Del Rio having the title is for those shows. To take it off of him now will not make sense and will make him weak when they have been building him up strong.

    This match will be a great one in my eyes and a dirty win is what I expect to see. I will be shocked if John Cena is given back the title so early.

CM Punk vs. Triple H: COO Job on the Line

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    This match has been hyped-up like it was Hulkamania in the 1980s. 

    Everyone knows this will be the main event, and it's a bit ironic that a non-title match is the one that will main event a PPV called "Night of Champions." Triple H will be making his in-ring return since Wrestlemania, and the fans expect nothing less than a great performance.

    Also, this match is No DQ—and that means anything goes.

    Triple H claims that CM Punk insulted him as a man and he is going to face him as a man. He is so confident that he put his COO job on the line. There will be no more excuses or words—only wrestling. 

    Triple H made the match in his favor and that is the advantage he has going into it. CM Punk, on the other hand, got exactly what he wanted, and that is a match in which change can happen with a simple pin-fall. CM Punk is going to lay it all out there and plans on punishing Triple H just like Triple H plans on punishing him.

    The match will be long, brutal and the Spanish Announcers' Table will not survive the wreckage that will take place. The fans will be into it, the crowd will go crazy, and most importantly, something huge is on the line.

    Winner: Triple H

    I want CM Punk to win, but I do not think it is going to happen. CM Punk would have too much power in the WWE if he was to take out the COO this early in the storyline. CM Punk will look strong—and chances are there will be a lot of close calls—but it will not happen.

    All I am going to saw is Awesome Truth has expressed interest in CM Punk winning, and Kevin Nash is booked for the show. Will they get involved? I will leave that up to you. 


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    Those are my predictions. Will I be right with all of them? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows who will really win at the PPV. 

    When it is all said and done, however, the WWE will either be completely different, or the same way it walked in. I cannot control what will happen, but I will be watching what will take place.

    Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you all enjoyed! Who do you think is going to win, and what will happen? Let me know what your thoughts are on the article!

    Check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get!

    See you all at the PPV!