Buy Matt Cassel Stock...NOW!

Jim BouchardCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Buy Cassel Stock…NOW! Two, count ‘em, two back to back 400-yard passing games.

Matt Cassel carves his name in the Pats' record book and shuts up Joey Porter in the process. I doubt Cassel will be on the Patriots' sidelines next year, but folks you better enjoy this.

The last time a Patriot backup had anywhere near this success was when Tony Eason took over for Steve Grogan in ’85.

Of course, in one of the world’s greatest coverups, it took most fans, and experts, until the Bears pounded the Pats in the Super Bowl to realize that Tony was really a yoga instructor who just wanted to cash in on football for a few years before he retired to sunny California and low-impact life free of the violence and pain of NFL football.

Hog was right; Tony should have been wearing a dress. Cassel is showing he’s got some Grogan pedigree; he’s tough as a bag of hammers and he loves to run.

Can Cassel take the Pats to the Super Bowl? The better question is why not? He’s certainly keeping them in the playoff race.

If they don’t go all the way, you’re probably going to have to blame the defense, not Cassel. That’s the one problem that shouldn’t be ignored while celebrating Cassel’s coming-of-age.

This secondary is still full of holes and the linebackers still need seasoning. There’s talent, aggressiveness, and for the first time in a long time, there’s youth on the Pats' D. The problem is the youth part. Chad Pennington rushing for a touchdown from more than half a yard?

For the nouveau fan and those who waste seat space hiding in the corporate clubhouses, Cassel will not likely return next year. Don’t get your undies in a twist; NFL football is a business, and Matt has the right to cash in on his success.

Don’t worry; the better he plays the higher his stock value goes. He’s going to give it everything he’s got and not just for the money; he’s a baller. Above the money and the pain, football players love to play football, and I just can’t see the new Matt Cassel being satisfied holding Tom Brady’s clipboard.

You just better hope he doesn’t end up in Miami!

For the real fans, we’ve got a great run going. The Pats are back in their familiar position as underdogs. You know Belichick is popping the corn in the film room with his young defenders, and for the first time in the dynasty years, we’ve got a real dogfight on our hands. Isn’t it fun?

P.S....What about that Randy Moss? Bad boy makes good! I’m wondering just how bad Randy really was, or if he was just being honest all along. He just wanted to play with a team that takes winning seriously; what better team than our Pats?