Count Out the Baltimore Ravens, Nevermore

Brad JamesCorrespondent INovember 24, 2008

Every summer, as I get my new copy of the NFL Record and Fact Book (an excellent read, I assure you), I leaf through the customary stats and try to make projections about who the surprise teams will be in any given season.

While I found nothing statistically significant about the Ravens, I couldn't help but think that this defense (whom I always draft in my fantasy league with outstanding results) can make enough plays and the running game will always be there.

However, since this is a quarterback league, if Baltimore could get the right signal-caller, this team could be magnificent!

Well, Ravens fans, Arthur has pulled the sword from the stone under the guise of Joe Flacco.

The former Delaware star stringed together only his latest efficient performance against the beleaguered Eagles (12 of 26, 183 yards, 2 TDs) and thus far has had for all intents and purposes, a stellar initial season in the NFL.

While he has only tossed 10 touchdowns against nine interceptions while throwing for 1,996 yards on the season, in the past three weeks Flacco has a five to two TD/INT ratio.

As a frustrated Broncos fan who sees his team continually snakebitten by the turnover epidemic, I would take those numbers any day of the week, although I think they'll play much better against the Jets.

Meanwhile, of course there were other stars for the Ravens, among them was Ed Reed.

The former Miami (FL) standout bested his own NFL record with an 108-yard interception return for a score against Kevin Kolb. As to why Kolb was in the lineup, that's another column for another day, and perhaps someone has already done a better job with it than I possibly could.

In any case, while it may be presumptuous to say this, perhaps Baltimore football fans have found the heir apparent to Johnny Unitas as Flacco continues to improve every week. A Ravens/Redskins Super Bowl would definitely be interesting, but we'll see what happens as this exceptionally entertaining season winds down.