WWE: The 10 Best Superstars Produced from WWE Developmental Programs

Josh BarnettCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2011

WWE: The 10 Best Superstars Produced from WWE Developmental Programs

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    WWE has developed a couple of programs to develop talent. Just recently WWE found Andy Levine, a big guy who definitely has the ability to go big time if handled correctly. I saw some of the promos for it and was truly convinced that the guy who would win would eventually be really good. Levine has a lot of work to do but his look allows him to take the role of either a face of heel, or make it even sooner in the role of a guy like the way big Ezekiel Jackson was for Brian Kendrick or Mason Ryan for Nexus. 

    WWE has a couple programs and has actually found a lot of talent. A lot of names will probably be worthy of recognition that miss out, but one has to be considered pretty well.

10. Michael Mgilicutty

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    Mgilicutty finished second in the second season of the WWE NXT developmental program under the tutelage of pro Kofi Kingston. He then proceeded to become a successful member of the Nexus with Wade Barrett and CM Punk. He needs to develop mic skills to progress further, but the son of Mr. Perfect has excellent wrestling genes, and if the likes of The Rock and Randy Orton have told us anything, Mgilicutty's genes cannot hurt him. 

9. David Otunga

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    Otunga emerged as one of  the early NXT season one favorites. He won a battle royal on NXT for the opportunity to be guest host on Monday Night Raw during the John Cena, Batista feud. Otunga has shown excellent mic skills in his time and he knows how to work in front of a TV camera. He appeared on the Vh1 dating show "I love New York", and he is currently with star Jennifer Hudson. He has the look of a guy WWE would push hard within next few years. 

8. Daniel Bryan

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    This young guy is undisputedly one of my favorite guys on WWE shows today. His size prohibits him from being a heavyweight champion (he does not have Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara athleticism either), but his wrestling is excellent.  Not to mention he is excellent with the divas. I would lie to say it wasn't  pretty funny to see the Bella twins totally punked out by Bryan and Gail Kim. He is a believable wrestler, with the right guys to work with. Of all the NXT rookies ever produced, Bryan's "LaBell Lock" is right up there with the best WWE's finishers and is  there with only Wade Barrett's Waistland  slam among NXT products. 

7. Maven

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    This is admittedly controversial, but Maven has to be on this list. Although he had only a brief career and his biggest highlight is eliminating Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble, his winning the original Tough Enough paved the way for superstars in the developmental systems to come. Maven also enjoyed a brief run as Hardcore Champion in the WWE. I am disappointed WWE did not keep him around more. He had the look and the size to at least be pushed to a staple on the midcard. 

6. Maryse

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    For a WWE Diva search contestant loser, Maryse had fared very well in the WWE. She was the second Divas champion and has been a staple in the Divas division since her debut. Maryse is an excellent personality to be a consistent heel as a gorgeous lady who knows it and is better above most female competitors and is far above interested men.  She played the classic gold digger role as she appeared as a valet for Ted Dibiase Jr. She is a multiple-time Divas champion and is not going anywhere soon.

5. Justin Gabriel

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    The 450 Splash is a thing of beauty and was consistently the Nexus finisher. A lot of people like this guy more than Wade Barrett or the other Nexus guys based on his talent. He is athletic and has the size of a mid-card staple. 

4. Wade Barrett

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    I am stunned this man has not been world champion yet. He was almost pushed miserably too far as world champion with Nexus, as he had a couple championship matches with Randy Orton. I predict that he will be world champion really quick, probably taking Daniel Bryan's MIB briefcase. Since Nexus and Corre both broke up, he has become a very believable singles competitor and a guy who will be a main event staple for years to come in WWE.

3. Eve Torres

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    The former diva search winner has had an excellent WWE career and is not going anywhere soon. She is currently girl-paling with Kelly-Kelly and that has got to end really quickly, as she is one of the top in line to challenge for the Divas title.  She has the look and wrestling of a main card lady for a long time to come. 

2. The Miz

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    I know many say this man probably has a strong case for the top spot, but for me this man was pushed miserably far too soon. I know all the stuff his lovers say about how hard he worked to get where he is and all. But this guy is as crazy as exists in WWE today. Has anyone noticed he gets only one match a month since he and A-Ry split? All he does is work the mic and he don't do that very well either. HE'S THE MIZ AND HEEEEEE'S AWWWWWFUL!!!

1. John Morrison

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    A lot of haters must forget that he beat the Miz for the right to be a WWE superstar in the last Tough Enough before the last one SCSA did recently. Morrison, to me, is the total package—the wrestling, mic and personality—everything an audience would want and pay to see in a worlds champion. I call him an HBK 2.0 and I refuse to back down from that. He is in line to be worlds champion really soon and an amazing one for a very long time. 


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    I leave the beautiful Ashley Massaro off this list just because she had such a short run in WWE, but man she was a good diva that WWE lost too soon. I am excited for Morrison, especially since Melina is gone and sooo many said she was his Achilles heel. That was terrible in itself because she was one of the best products in the divas division, but the backroom drama is a terrible thing no one likes. Morrison must be worlds champion soon if WWE is to continue to be one of the country's most successful businesses for years to come.