Afterbirth: College Football Week 13

Brian WalkerContributor INovember 23, 2008

Red(Faced) Raiders

So I was only wrong on one of my Crystal Ball picks, but BOY, was I wrong on that one. Texas Tech showed that the only way to get big game experience is to play in big games. It’s understandable that you might totally choke in one of the first few—and they choked. They were tight as a drum and never in the game.

From start to finish, Oklahoma dominated. It reminded me of the Gators in ’95. They were clearly better than every team in the nation—except Nebraska. But the Fiesta Bowl ass-kicking at the hands of the Huskers may have set the Gators up for their national championship run in ’96. You can’t know what it takes to win a big game until you’ve been through it.

That was the biggest game in Red Raider history. With any luck, they’ll have more. But what are the odds that Mike Leach will still be there?

How Many More Times for St. Bobby?

I've never been a Bowden fan, for reasons too numerous and inflammatory to list here. But have you seen one of his pre-game speeches lately? I mean, seriously. I'm surprised his team isn't napping on the sidelines before the kickoff.

This is the week that the Gators take on the Criminoles, and I'm actually glad that whatever cognitive abilities St. Bobby may have had have disappeared in recent years. I hope he coaches for another 25 years. Seriously.