WWE Night of Champions 2011: 4 Reasons the Event Must Deliver

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 16, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011: 4 Reasons the Event Must Deliver

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    The WWE Night of Champions has many things going for it heading into Sunday.

    The WWE has a stacked card and plans on utilizing it into one of the best PPV's. WWE knows that if it was to disappoint, it would result in a disaster for the fans and even loyal fans may walk away from the product.

    Maybe WWE needs it too much with the way things have been shaping for them as of late. WWE has sent itself into the PPV is a lackluster matter with Smackdown. While some people may claim that WWE is in a good state, others who study it know that's not the case.

    WWE must deliver on Night of Champions in order to be able to convince themselves they are not in trouble in any real ways. WWE has faced a lot of bad news and the only way to be able to feel good is to be able to make themselves feel that way.

    All of what I am saying will be explained and with that said, Let the slideshow begin. 

Restore Dignity and Credibility to Other Divisions

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    It is not a secret outside the WWE and World Heavyweight titles lies weak divisions.

    Those being the Divas Championship and the Tag Team Championship.

    Both of them need some heavy deconstruction and construction in order to be able to be taken seriously once more. At Night of Champions they will have their chance.

    The Divas title will be defended by Kelly Kelly who will be facing Beth Phoenix.

    People have claimed that Kelly Kelly is a barbie doll and should not hold on to the title any longer than she has. Beth Phoenix should be the one with the title because she is a wrestler and more deserving.

    Beth needs to win to restore the division into something respectable. That only adds to the importance of the match and the attention it grabs. Whether it may be true or not people are watching it and hope for the best results. 

    The Tag Team Division is the other one that needs attention.

    For years it has been very weak and got time on TV to either kill time or try to make themselves relevant. It appears since Triple H has taken over, he has attempted to restore the division.

    Air Boom will take on Awesome Truth in a match many fans cannot wait to see. The match bears significance because of the team that has the most to gain: Awesome Truth.

    Awesome Truth for a long while has proclaimed that they are tired of being pushed back and down. They deserve better and they are going to seize every opportunities that comes their way. They have caught on in popularity and many are hoping for a victory for them. 

    All of this has resulted in the much needed attention that has been missed by both divisions. The fans are back into them and WWE must deliver on both their matches if they want the interest to continue.

    If they do not they will fall back into obscurity.   

Expand to a Bigger Audience

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    The concern WWE may be feeling right now is that they may not be reaching audiences across the country. 

    That could be the case with recent string of bad news for WWE.

    Night of Champions will without a doubt get many buys and thus reaching out to that wider audience that they cannot get on regular cable television. Every PPV is WWE's chance to gather new fans and impress the ones the have. 

    For the past three PPV's, it appeared they had done well until the recent string of bad news they received.

    Now is the chance WWE needs to show to everyone why they should be watching WWE every chance they can get. With how WWE has Night of Champions lines up is very promising to say the least. 

    In the eyes of many, the fault for not reaching the wider audience has to do with the lack of development from the storylines.

    They seemed to be very rushed going into the PPV just like their last PPV SummerSlam. SummerSlam did not turn out to be a bad PPV, but people are hoping for it to be better.

    If WWE wants to succeed in reaching and satisfying the audience that will be watching, they will have to make sure that it is not only better than the last PPV but delivering on everything they can. 

Make the WWE Title Mean Something

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    WWE has completely downplayed the importance of having the WWE title. 

    It has been treated it is as if WWE has completely forgotten about hyping the match in the first place.

    Some people want to contribute that to the fact that WWE has two people in the match that have not made any type of impact since SummerSlam: John Cena and Alberto Del Rio.

    Del Rio has not lost a single's match since winning the title and Cena has done nothing but talk about how much he wants the title.

    While Cena did at one point display some character changes to his "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect," it appears the "Super Cena" aspect has returned. 

    Many people feel that is one reason why the momentum for this match had never gotten off the ground in the first place. Whatever the reason may be for the lackluster build up, the spotlight will be on them when the time comes. 

    These two will have the opportunity to show to everyone why this match is worth watching and talking about. How these two guys perform in the match will show how important the title truly means to both of them.

    If the fans get a lame match, then the lack of build for it is justified and leaving the fans disappointed.

    If the match is a long bout that features them showing off skills and being an attention grabber from the start, fans are going to know just how badly these guys want the title.

    The fans win and the WWE wins because they would have turned what looked like a bad fight into a impressive match.

    WWE can do it but it will be up to Cena and Del Rio to prove they can. If they cannot the title will just look like a shiny prop for the next couple of months.   

Ratings Depend on It

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    What was the string of bad news WWE has been receiving as of late? Their rating have dropped.

    They go up and down all the time and this should not be a huge issue for WWE let alone an unfamiliar one. That was the case until WWE got word their rating have been the worst they have had them in 14 years.

    That is bad. It was 1997 and there was a Monday Night War going on. WWE at the time had a reason to have such ratings.

    Today there is not Monday Night War and no other wrestling promotion competing with them that is a threat.

    Monday Night Football has always taken away viewers from Raw and that is nothing new but the research shows that this has been happening since the middle of July when the NFL was going through a lockout. That means WWE has been in trouble for a while.

    The concern with the ratings is that the storylines are not reaching out to everyone.

    It would make sense for the lack of numbers for WWE and something that can be fixed rather easily. The way to fix it is to deliver on the night of the PPV.

    Delivering on every aspect, WWE can will result in the wide audience it reaches wanting more form WWE and tuning in to see what happens next.

    The rating would go up and although it may be more complicated than that delivering on Night of Champions may solve both the simple and complicated problems.

    It is up to WWE what will happen on Sunday and the weeks after it. It will either be a great success or a not so great future.

    For WWE and the problems they have had delivering is not an option. It is something that must be done.


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