Dolphins-Patiots: Miami Sinks in Standings After Loss to Patriots

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Tsk tsk.....

The Dolphins have shown some remnants of their mediocrity in years past. Two miscues on offense on the first two drives. First, Pennington calls a run when everyone else is ready to run a pass play. Then, Ricky Williams slips on an awkward handoff from the Wildcat. 

On defense, they missed so many sacks it wasn't even funny. This game could've been won if the Dolphins D would've pulled off those sacks when they had Cassel dead in the backfield. What's going on back there?

The special teams seemed actually decent today, but it seems the special teams sucked some talent out of the offense and defense because they really stunk up the joint. 

This game really has shot the Dolphins playoff hopes. They've really got to turn it on this last little bit of the season and hope that the Jets and Patriots lose at some point. The Dolphins are now third in the AFC East with a 6-5 record, two games back of the division leading New York Jets. 

There was one call by the rookie referee in this game though that I think really changed the tide of the game.

It was still a three-point game, 31-28, Matt Cassel throws deep to Moss (again) and even though Moss scores, there's a pass interference call. Andre Goodman was called for the pass interference. Randy Moss, however, was practically horsecollaring Goodman. This call was incorrect, and if you watched the whole game, you could tell this referee was a rookie; there was just so much confusion on the field.

In the long run though, regardless of the call, the Dolphins lost. Next week is in St. Louis; hopefully the Phins can move ahead to 7-5 and get their act back together.