WWE Night of Champions: 7 Potential Angles for WWE Following HHH/Punk Match

Josh BarnettCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2011

WWE Night of Champions: 7 Potential Angles for WWE Following HHH/Punk Match

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    I can't think of a match in recent memory with more riding it on this.


    And the WWE Championship is not even a factor.


    Triple H has nothing to win in this other than giving a beatdown many feel Punk is in line for. Punk winning on the other hand is where all the flags go up. Who's in charge? How will Punk be handled? What about Rock showing up to Survivor Series??


    Everything in WWE , including all the Championships on all the shows, hang on this match. 

1. CM Punk Wins and WWE Hires Edge as Raw GM

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    I'll get to this again—if WWE were to have a power transfer Edge MUST be in line. He has given WWE literally everything he has. He is the most decorated champion ever and innumerable seats have sold on his account. Not to mention and even more importantly, he has given his health. Edge has nothing left now because of what he has given to WWE—except WWE.


    WWE, you owe this man big for what he has given you.

2. HHH wins with help of Kevin Nash and HBK

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    In the few days after Kevin Nash returned, did anyone else jump on WWE.com and see one of the news stories being Kevin Nash coming out to NWO music and the possibility of the NWO reform?


    Now I don't like this idea at all, but factor in that the WWE will be going through San Antonio very soon, one potential thing we could see is a clique in power like Hogan and Bischoff are pulling in Impact with Immortal. "Please no," you say and I agree. But it has to be a possibility.

3. CM Punk Wins with help from Kevin Nash and John Laurinitis Runs WWE

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    Man, I hope this doesn't come true either.


    But John Laurinitis has to be the biggest wildcard in this right? After hiring Kevin Nash and being totally conspicuous in the whole process it's possible. This scenario would make sense, the look on Kevin Nash's face after Triple H slugged him to the ground and then fired him tells the story. Nash is a prideful guy, something like that generally has repercussions. 

4. HHH wins with help of Kevin Nash

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    This would surprise a lot of people—me included. But one would say Nash hated Punk a lot more than he ever would Triple H, even if his friend did fire him.

5. CM Punk Wins with Help of John Laurinitis

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    The question is how power hungry is John Laurinitis?


    Would WWE go to him if Triple H were out?


    And where in all this is Vince McMahon and how long will he stay out of TV?

6. HHH Wins Straight Up and the Status Quo Remains

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    This would probably be best for business.


    The only reason I know of for him losing is so he can be able to focus on working another Wrestlemania with Undertaker and I personally have stated multiple times here that is a huge mistake.

7. R U Ready??

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    For my prediction...

8. Triple H Wins and Makes Edge GM of Raw

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    What about an anonymous Raw GM you ask?


    Does anyone care about him or his authority since Triple H came to power?


    Edge has given WWE everything he has: an amazing career, his health and his body, They owe him a job in some capacity. If not Raw GM, then full time announcing along Michael Cole and Booker T on Smackdown. They could move Josh Matthews to Raw with King and JR.

Or Better Yet...

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    Bring Stephanie McMahon Hemsley back to work full time, she was one of the best GMs ever. If nothing else, bring her back because she is a McMahon and a Hemsley, two names that have meant $ and a lot of it for WWE.