Nebraska Bowl News: Gator Bowl "Very Interested" in the Huskers

Jeff WilliamsAnalyst INovember 23, 2008

After Notre Dame’s loss to one of the worst teams in college football, Gator Bowl officials have cooled off to the idea of Notre Dame going to the Gator Bowl, opening the door to the Huskers provided they take care of business against Colorado on Friday.  

Theoretically, Notre Dame will get another chance to state their case with a win against USC. After losing to Syracuse, it’s hard to envision Notre Dame beating USC even if USC fielded only 10 defensive players the entire game.

Here’s what Gator Bowl officials had to say about Nebraska’s prospects:

"'As I told you last week, I love the fact Nebraska’s back,' he said. 'Bo Pelini has got them playing unbelievably good. Of the teams they’ve lost to, three of them are battling for a Big 12 championship. It’s the Big Red, you know, 85,000 every week. The tradition and history of Nebraska would be appealing.'"

"Catlett said the Gator Bowl is 'very much interested' in Nebraska and Missouri, but then he seemed to negate the possibility the Gator Bowl would select Mizzou.

"The reason: Either the Tigers will win the Big 12 title game and qualify for a BCS bowl game or they’ll lose and enter bowl season on a sour note. And Catlett doesn’t like inviting teams coming off a conference championship loss because 'the loser of a championship game is usually not very excited, not very pumped up about traveling.'"

And who might Nebraska be playing?

"If Nebraska is taken by the Gator Bowl, it seems Florida State would be a likely opponent. Catlett said the Noles 'would be our No. 1 option' out of the ACC."