WWE Night of Champions 2011: This Is the PPV of the Year

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 15, 2011

Night of Champions appears to be one of WWE's best PPV's of the year.

The past ones leading up to this one were great, and WWE has not lets the fans and IWC down in months. The fans have been shocked, excited and sent home both happy and sad, and WWE does not plan on stopping that.

Night of Champions has a stacked card with every title on the line and all of them having meaning in some way or another.

The Intercontinental Title has Cody Rhodes going against Ted Dibiase in a growing feud. These guys have had tension building in the past couple of weeks and Night of Champions will be the place where it begins.

Ted Dibiase could take home the belt and immediately spark a huge fire or Cody Rhodes can continue his dominance as champion.

The Tag Team Titles have "Air Boom" taking on "Awesome Truth" and Awesome Truth has something to prove. If they were to grab to the titles from Air Boom, it would begin a possible reign that could last a long while. Awesome Truth claims that they have been held down and held back for too long.

They need the victory in order to climb to the top of the Tag Team mountain and defy the high up's in their minds.

The Divas Title has Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix. People say that this match is one that will determine the future of the Divas Division because Kelly Kelly is viewed as a Barbie Doll while Beth is viewed as a wrestler. This match does have meaning and where WWE will go with the division is decided by the winner.

The United States Title is on the line as a Fatal Four Way featuring John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Alex Riley. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger have a bone to pick with one another and John Morrison and Alex Riley plan to capitalize on it.

If either Jack or Dolph win, their feud will intensify, while if the other two win it will begin a possible rebirth of their careers with new gold around their waists. This match means a lot to all parties involved.

The World Heavyweight title is on the line with Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry. This match has grave importance because it will determine who is in control of Smackdown for the long run.

If Randy Orton was to win it will only show how dominate he is and that no one can stop him in his reign as champion.

If Mark Henry wins, it will show a new wave coming through the WWE as his dominance of everyone in his path will only be a preview of what to expect in the future.

Many are thinking Orton is the underdog while others feel he will win because he is Randy Orton.

Nonetheless the match will tell the fans and the WWE Universe who will be on top of the mountain for the foreseeable future. With that on the line, it cannot get any bigger.

The WWE Title match has Alberto Del Rio defending against John Cena. Some are not interested in this match because it features two people who have not been making a big mark on WWE for the past month.

Alberto Del Rio has been mostly absent while John Cena has not wrestled anyone of importance.

That does not change what is on the line in this match. What is on the line is bragging rights over each other. John Cena has claimed that he is better than Alberto Del Rio, he does not deserve to be champion, he is a disgrace as a champion and he is going to kick his ass and take it away to restore its proper glory.

Alberto Del Rio has countered with stating that he is a proper champion. Since being champion, he has taken out superstars and beaten many others. He has not lost a match one-on-one since claiming the title and he has won all of them cleanly. 

With both of them having something to prove to one another, this match may mean a heck of a lot. 

Finally, the match that will probably end the night is not even a title match; CM Punk vs. Triple H. 

This match has a lot on the line already—that is obvious. There is more than meets the eye with this match and something more meaningful on the line than pride or a job.

The future of the WWE.

Does that not correspond to Triple H, people may ask? It is more than that. If CM Punk loses, his quest for change is over and there is nothing for him to do anymore with the company. He can get back on his feet but his momentum will never be the same as it is now. For him, this match means more than a job, and he has to win.

For Triple H, if he does not win, he has no job as CEO anymore and one must replace him. If he does win, he has successfully put his feet on the throat of what has been irritating, nagging and bothering him for the past month. He knows what must be done and he will do all he can to do it. 

People know there will be interference but that does not even take away from it because who will interfere and and go after who is a toss in the air. Kevin Nash could deck Triple H or CM Punk for the same reasons and Awesome Truth as well, even though they expressed their thoughts on Punk winning.

The match is bigger than all the other matches combined and one that everyone will be watching.

Night of Champions is not only promising, it is looking to be the biggest PPV of the year. People have been saying this about every PPV every month and that means that WWE is doing their job in keeping the fans and the IWC watching. WWE keeps making it bigger, and the bigger it is, the more the fans win. 

I will be watching and I know anyone who is a big fan will be as well.

Let me know what you all feel about the PPV and if you think it is one of the biggest or the biggest PPV of the year as well as how I did on the article. Check out my other articles and comment on those as well. I appreciate all the feedback I can get. 

Thanks for reading!

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