College Football Top 10 for Week 13: Shakeup in the Big 12 South

Sloan McCraryContributor INovember 23, 2008

1) Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide has done everything right to remain unbeaten and on top of the rankings. Alabama had a week off to prepare for the Iron Bowl. There have been many potential national championship teams the Tide have brought into this game that have left with a loss. 

2) Florida Gators

Florida has continued to dominate every opponent since the stumble against Ole Miss. At the time, the loss looked a lot worse than it is now.

Florida has not done anything wrong to be jumped by any other teams at the moment.  Many would think Florida would be overlooking the Seminoles next week, but rivalry games are always big. 

While the Gators have won the past four games, they lost four of the past five previous games.  Look for this to be a surprisingly close game with Florida to pull it out in the end.

3) Texas Longhorns

While many would have put Oklahoma in this spot, Texas is the more deserving right now, due to the results from the head-to-head match up.

Longhorn fans should be worried about the weakness of their final opponent in the regular season, Texas A&M. This does not help the Texas team, with Oklahoma blowing out quality opponents near the end of the season. 

4) Oklahoma Sooners

Wow, what an impressive victory last night.  While the Sooners put up an incredible amount of points against the Texas Tech team, this game was won in the trenches.

The offensive line opened up huge holes for the ground game and gave Bradford a lot of time to make big plays in the air. 

The defensive line put pressure on Harrell all night. While there is a lot of controversy on who should win the Big 12 South, Oklahoma can silence everyone if they defeat the Oklahoma State Cowboys next weekend.

This will be the game that puts Oklahoma over Texas and gives them the Big 12 South Championship, due to the way they have played towards the end of the season. 

5) Southern California Trojans

Southern Cal has won seven straight games but has stayed on the outside of the BCS Title game discussion.  They will continue to lurk around, but their schedule has hurt them. 

Oregon State controls their destiny and will clinch the Pac-10 title if they beat Oregon.  USC needs OSU to lose to even have a chance of getting to the title game.

After that, they would still need a host of Big 12 south teams to lose even to have a chance.

6) Penn State Nittany Lions

You would think a one loss Big 10 team would be at the top end of the discussion of the national title talks, but that’s just the opposite this year.  The Big 10 has had somewhat of a down year. 

Penn State's only loss to a mediocre Iowa team occurred too late in the season for the Nittany Lions.  Penn State still had a great win of Michigan State to cap off their regular season, but even with a Big 10 title it is still somewhat of a disappointment for the Penn State fans. 

A title game for the conference is needed to help teams that are in the same position that the Nittany Lions are in now.

7) Utah Utes

Utah has beaten two top 15 teams in the past three weeks.  For this is the reason, Utah will get the heads up into the BCS over Boise State.

8) Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes have looked much better since the thrashing that Southern Cal gave them early in the season.  This may have not been the year for Ohio State, but next year just may be.

9) Boise State Broncos

An undefeated season should mean a BCS bowl game, at least?  With Utah remaining undefeated, Boise State may be left out this year.

This is a major let down, especially with how well the Broncos played in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back. Not playing a ranked opponent since Week 3 really hurts this team.

10) Missouri Tigers

This team has not been talked about since their crushing defeat by Texas.  They have quietly continued to win games.  Even with a loss to Kansas this next weekend, they would still represent the Big 12 North in the conference championship game.

Right Outside: Texas Tech, Georgia, and Ball State


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