Dear Billy Beane and Lew Wolff, This Is What I Want For Christmas

Cassie KoliasCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Dear Billy Beane and Lew Wolff,

This is my Christmas list, please make all of my wishes come true.

Don't trade Bobby Crosby.

Sure, the 28-year-old shortstop is injury prone, but at his best health, he is a force to be reckoned with. Reports have been surfacing that his time with Oakland is running down and I can't help but feel like the Oakland team will once again be all new faces next season.

The former Rookie of the Year led his team in doubles, 39 last season. Don't trade him. Keep him around for awhile Santa Beane. Plus, I invested in a Crosby jersey last season.

Add another big bat to the lineup.

Please sign another power hitter, we all know Matt Holliday will be gone by August if the A's aren't contending to your liking. We know that you will probably trade him away for seven more up and comers.

Don't move to Fremont.

You have been talking about this move to Fremont for years, now there is talk that it might not even become reality. Stay in Oakland! Fremont A'sit just sounds ridiculous and makes me want to cry, a little.

Don't try to shorten the postseason.

Lew, you have proposed a shorter postseasonwhy? It is already bad enough that I have to live November through March without baseball, please don't make it longer. I need baseball in my life, otherwise my heart will be broken for more than five months out of the year. Do you really want to break a young girls heart, especially around Christmas time?

Be as good as your farm system.

You have a winning farm system and your Rivercats were Pacific Coast Champions; you would think that your team would reflect thatwell, it doesn't. Please make your team good. Thank you.

Keep the vets and rookies who proved themselves on the field.

Here is the perfect defense:

First Base

Daric Barton, although he didn't live up to his godly-rookie hype, he has the potential to be a stud and he was able to hold it down at first base pretty impressively. Give him a chance to be that stud.

Second Base

Mark Ellis, of course. Elly is the man at second base, worthy of a gold glove. He was out for with injury for the end of the season, but at his healthiest there is no better second baseman out there.

Third Base

Rotate between Eric Chavez and Jack Hannahan. Hanny held down the "hot corner" most of the season while his veteran counter part was on the DL. Chavvy deserves his spot back, but Hanny earned himself some playing time.


Bobby Crosby, DON'T TRADE HIM! End of story.


Kurt Suzuki, need I say more? Suzuki is the man behind the plate.

Center Field

Ryan Sweeney, easily will be one of the team leaders this upcoming season. He will contribute both defensively and offensively, not to mention he is a complete stud.

Right Field

Travis Buck, After missing most of the season, in September T-Buck came back with a vengeance to prove he wants a spot on that starting roster. He deserves it and as long as he stays healthy, he and right field should be seeing a lot of each other.

Left Field

Matt Holliday, obviously.

Thank you Billy and Lew for reading my wish list. I would be a very good girl if you make my Christmas wishes come true. Merry Christmas.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind a date with your center fielder, that would be nice too.

I've been good this year,



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