Eagles-Ravens: Donovan McNabb Sacked, Philadelphia's Season Ends Early

Zachary WishnovContributor INovember 23, 2008

The game clock has not gotten down to 0:00, and I am writing this article. The picture above shows a Bengal butt-f***ing an Eagle. Well, the Baltimore Ravens did that and more today. They took apart not only the team but the future of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise.

Donovan McNabb had two interceptions and one fumble, all in the first half leading to his removal for the start of the third quarter. Kevin Kolb came in and did nothing all half.

In the middle of the fourth quarter, he came on strong. He was 5-5 and led the Eagles to the one-yard line. They ran it once...didn't get it.

At this point, a normal team would run the ball again. Nope. No, no, no. The Eagles throw the ball into the end zone, leading to an interception to be returned for a 108-yard touchdown. The game ended right there. With this game, the season ended. With the season ending, it looks like the end to Donovan McNabb and possibly Andy Reid.

In 60 minutes of game time, the Eagles put up no points (assuming they don't score for the remaining three minutes).

Ohh...wait! The Ravens just had a 28-yard run to get to the one-yard line. They are going to score again. HAHA! It's like I'm watching the Lions here. Oh wait, they scored 20 points. The only reason the Eagles scored was because of a rare kickoff return for a touchdown before halftime.

Donovan McNabb is done. He is done as the leader in Philadelphia. Andy Reid's playcalling is done. The fans cannot take it anymore. They have to rebuild. They must take a few years off and try again. Kevin Kolb is the future. Kevin Kolb is the present...Ravens just scored.

The score is 35-7. As of right now, the Eagles have a total of 188 yards of offense, thrown four interceptions, have one fumble, have given up two sacks, given up a safety, and only have seven total points in an NFL football game. The winning era for the Eagles is over.

I`m sorry Eagles fans. I truly am as a fellow Eagles fan. I don't know what happened. I don't know how the Eagles got so bad! They can't run the ball, they can't pass the ball. That is the definition of an offense.

They are in the bottom tier of the NFL, and the only way to get out of it is to fire Andy Reid and try to trade McNabb for a third-round pick for him. May God have mercy on our souls and hope that next year the Eagles won't be butt-f***ed as many times as they were this year.