Welcome to the Asylum

David RobinsonContributor INovember 23, 2008

Welcome one and all, you are now witnessing madness in it's rarest form; genius. Let me explain. For those of you who follow sports radio, there is a radio host named Max Kellerman. He has a growing "army" of fans that he recruits. The recruits all have different rankings and whatnot, and I thought that would be the coolest thing if I had something like that. So now, I call it Robinson's Asylum because the people who read my posts must be crazy talented to understand the genius. Anyone who is feeling trapped in their writing careers, or if you feel you're not getting the recognition you deserve, join the Asylum.

Moving on, while the Asylum may be my side project, the front-runner is this blog. I am calling the blog, "The Triple Threat." I call it this because I feel that a blog has to be versatile. You can't always rant about something such as Steven A. Smith does, but then again that's what gets you the viewers right? So where's the balance? Ah, well the balance lies within the triple threat. As you may or may not know, triangles always provide the best balance, just ask Phil Jackson. My triple-threat in this blog will be passing, shooting, or dribbling.

If I'm going to "pass" in my blog, that means I'm going to give someone a break, or reward them for the hard work they're doing. This blog will always be positive.

If I'm going to "shoot", then you know someone is about to get burned. Similar to the isolation play in LA with Kobe.

Lastly, if I'm going to dribble, that just means I want to talk about sports news in general. I know you're supposed to dribble with a purpose, so I will have some point to make, but this will be casual talk.

Now that the rules are understood, let us begin.