Fantasy Football: AFC East Head Scratchers

Dan BentonCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

I am trying to decide for the remainder of week 12 whether I know what to do with my fantasy rosters this weekend or to determine whether this is the time to dig deep and consult the local mediums and tea leaves for better answers. My magic mirror broke last weekend, and my kids run the other way when called into my computer lair. I have no coins left to flip, and my Labrador retriever refuses to cooperate and point out choices for me.

If I do not succeed this weekend, all is lost for my playoff hopes. So this article will offer my warped view that I see as choices in match ups that cannot be avoided now that the moment in here.

The best game of the weekend, in my opinion, is the Jets at Tennessee 1:00 p.m. slot for division, playoff, and undefeated status interests. In my forecasts for the season, neither the Jets (pre-Favre) nor the Titans figured into the view, but both now lead their respective divisions. Since the season has unfolded, Favre has thrown hot and cold, but has transformed the bottom-feeding Jets into a one game lead over the Patriots and Dolphins the in the AFC East. Thomas Jones is still gaining positive rushing production, Cotchery, Coles, Baker, and even Dustin Keller (?) have become viable fantasy threats for producing points. Brett Favre has lived on producing big plays ( not always for the team he plays for, necessarily), but he has made the Jets' games interesting and certainly viable again.

Whose defense can survive the hype and shut the other team down? Jerricho Cotchery last year against the Titan defense had a great day, with eight catches for 152 yards, and that was with Chad Pennington, not Favre at the trigger. Who can believe that Kerry Collins has shown the light of resurrection and led the Titans to the status of undefeated legends possibility that has only been met once before (and almost was last year , except for those damn Giants!)  Kerry Collins? It almost gets stuck in my brain as not only unlikely, but impossible!  Helping Collins will be the pattern that the Jets have established of allowing opponent tight ends to roam free in the secondary, giving light to Bo Scaife to possibly end up with another huge day for Tennessee. After last week's monster production from Justin Gage, I have picked him up wherever I can, usually to replace Buffalo receivers in my waiver lists this week. Maybe the biggest question of the day, and therefore one of the most important fantasy questions for the week, will be can Tennessee's Chris Johnson run better against the Jet defense than Thomas Jones against the Titan's defense? That will go a long way to determining the outcome of the day, and reward the fantasy owners that pick the more productive back for their rosters.

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