College Football: Oklahoma Throws a Wrench into BCS Machine

Gustavo DestroSenior Analyst INovember 22, 2008

Why couldn’t it just be simple?


Oklahoma’s 65-21 thumping of Texas Tech on Saturday night makes the BCS, once again, painfully confusing to figure out.


The Big 12 South, heralded this year as the toughest conference in the country, now has a three-team gridlock for first place and countless ways to look at who would be the highest ranked team.


"If you can't move us in front of Texas because they beat us, then you have to keep Texas Tech in front of Texas," said victorious Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops after the game. He has a point, but then again, Texas did beat Oklahoma at a neutral site and lost on a last second TD on the road after being greatly outplayed. So what gives?


The fact of the matter is, Oklahoma should be the highest ranked team going into the final week of the season and here’s why:


- They did lose to Texas, but that was Oct. 11, a long time ago in college football lifetime. Also, Oklahoma has scored over 58 in all of their past four games (including last night’s shellacking), so one can argue that they have been playing the best football in the country.


And if you think that argument is moot, consider Florida, already being written in as one of the title game teams even though they lost, at home, to Ole Miss.


- Oklahoma is running over whomever they play. Let’s recap: Since losing to Texas they beat Kansas (45-31), Kansas State (58-35), Nebraska (62-28), Texas A&M (66-28), and finally Texas Tech (65-21). Pretty impressive in my opinion, and you can start to see a trend forming from these games, which brings me to my last point.


- The Sooners’ defence is not as bad as I thought it was, and it has improved significantly since the Texas game. They were able to do something neither Texas or Oklahoma St. were able to do and that was to pressure Graham Harrell effectively and throw him off his rhythm, making him less effective and therefore less of a threat.


This argument is still a bit premature, since we have one week left in the season and the Sooners face another huge challenge having to play the Bedlam game at Stillwater.


If they fall, the Red Raiders (who host Baylor) will be dancing all the way to the Big 12 championship game, even with Saturday night’s loss still only a couple of weeks in the rear view mirror.


If all three teams do win out, their future will hang on the judgement of humans and machines.


Can’t we just flip a coin?