Weight Problem Hounds Oscar De la Hoya, Might End Up Like Erik Morales

noning antonioContributor INovember 22, 2008

Its barely more than two weeks to wait before the clash of the Titans will transpire in Las Vegas, on December 06, 2008.

A clash between Pound For Pound King Manny Pacquiao and the King of Box Office Oscar dela Hoya.

With the recent pronouncements of dela Hoya stressing that trimming down from his usual weight class of 156 pounds to 147 pounds is not easy to make than Pacquiao's bulking up from 135 pounds to 147 pounds, is a clear indication that the golden boy is deeply concern on how his body will react come fight night.

The golden boy stressed that he does not seen a mismatch situation on this fight citing the intensive preparation they both are going through at this point of time.

This is the first time that the dela Hoya will fight on the Welterweight division after spending most of his career fighting in the higher weight class particularly the Middleweight division.

Recently Pacquiao wrote on his column in Philboxing.com that he believed dela Hoya will encounter difficulties in making 147 lbs despite the golden boy's confidence in hitting the scale right during the official weigh-in on December '05.

Dela Hoya last fight at the 147lbs was on March 24, 2001, the first time Pacquiao also fought in US territory against Ledwaba whom he knocked out to capture the Super bantamweight title.

If de la Hoya's weight would be a dilemma, I see a situation wherein the golden boy will probably end up like Eric Morales who drained himself on the third fight against Pacquiao in 2006.

If we recalled, Morales' loss was attributed to his weight after "El Terrible" claimed that he has difficulties in making the 130lbs for that fight which greatly affect his ability. After that fight Morales ventured on the lightweight division until he retired.

Health experts and nutritionists pointed out that a person who is loosing weight will have a tendency of also decreasing its strenght but on the other hand a bonus of obtaining speed. In the case of dela Hoya, he is facing two obstructions a long his way that he should clear.

First, is his weight and second is his training. Pacquiao, on the hand is not worrying about his weight because he can eat as many time as he want while his strenght is increasing. That means, Pacquiao is not bothered by a weight issue which gives him the ample time of focusing on his training. 

Pacquiao has already logged 131 rounds of sparring against three bigger spar-mates. And the Pacman Team are happy on the progress of the Filipino Boxer.

Just recently, Pacquiao, knocked down one of his sparring partners. That's a strong message for dela Hoya, whose alternatively was black-eyed in a sparring session.