Texas Tech Loses to Oklahoma: What It Means For...the USC Trojans?

Mitchell GoldenCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Texas Tech's glass slipper didn't fit well enough. In an astonishing blowout to Oklahoma, the Big 12 suddenly is up in the air.

Not even soap operas have plots this intriguing: Texas beat Oklahoma, but loses to Texas Tech in the last minute. Then, Oklahoma beats Texas Tech. But wait, in this maze of confusing tie-breaking procedures and who-beat-whos, which team goes to the Big 12 championship?

It's all about the highly controversial BCS standings.

Without a doubt, all three teams deserve to play in the Big 12 Championship more than Missouri. But most likely, Oklahoma's late season upset of Tech will give them the privilege.

This opens the door for another team who has been hoping, nay praying, for a shot at the championship: The USC Trojans.

It's still a long shot: the coaches and media (and the people that comment on my articles) don't give the Pac-10 any respect, despite the fact that the top teams suffered losses to other ranked teams: Boise State, Utah, Penn State, not to mention the ranked teams within the conference.

The Pac-10 top teams rarely lost to unranked teams, much like Florida rarely loses to unranked teams (Ole Miss).

In fact, the Pac-10 mirrors the incestuous SEC and Big 12 very well, except that the ranked losses were out of conference rather than within. But that's a rant for another day.

Here's the two events that need to happen for USC to get their best chance at a BCS Championship Bid:


1. Missouri Beats Oklahoma

If Mizz beats Oklahoma, Oklahoma will be a two-loss team, and out of the running for the BCS Championship. Furthermore, Mizz will be unable to reclaim a Top 2 spot, and thus take the Big 12 spot in the Fiesta Bowl, wrongfully nudging the Big 12's top three teams out. Not all of those teams will get a Major BCS Bid, an unfortunate fact for fans of good competition.

Bottom Line: If this happens, Oklahoma drops below USC. USC moves from sixth to fifth. The fates will still have to go USC's way, and throw Texas and Texas Tech below USC in the rankings.


2. Florida Loses at Least One Game

Best Case Scenario: Florida loses to FSU, and then beats Alabama. Alabama has eked through some close ones, and definitely has the potential to lose. They are not a dominant team; they know how to win, but they are not dominant. If a two-loss Florida beats Alabama, the computers will not like it.

Bottom Line: If this chain of events goes through, combined with No. 1, USC jumps up two spots, leaving them at No. 3. Hopefully, Texas Tech loses some judging favor, and USC can make the No. 2 spot. Obviously, even with this awesome scenario, USC still needs some help from reasonable men.

Second best-case: Alabama beats Florida. Florida would have two losses, and can't possibly be ranked above USC.

Bottom Line: Once again, combined with No. 1, USC moves past Florida to No. 4. Somehow, USC would have to sneak above Texas and Texas Tech for the No. 2 spot. Not impossible, but definitely difficult.

USC still faces great adversity in reaching the championship. But, with some luck, the championship caliber team will reach the game they belong in.