Amid Trades, Stephon Marbury Is Still the Story In New York

Adam FierCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008


You have to give Stephon Marbury a lot of credit.

Despite two trades made by President Donnie Walsh, neither of which he was a part of, Marbury found himself on the Knicks roster, in uniform and (shocker) making headlines.

Following the trades of Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph, coach Mike D'Antoni found himself with only eight healthy bodies, including Marbury, who had dressed only once during the team's first eleven games.

If you choose to believe D'antoni's side of the story, Marbury was told prior to the game that he would have between 30 and 35 minutes available to him if he wanted, but turned down the offer, opting to remain exiled from the rotation despite an invitation to join it.

Marbury's story, not surprisingly, differed, as he claimed that he had been told he still wasn't part of the plans moving forward, and that the decision for him to suit up was nothing more than a necessity to dress eight players, a league requirement. 

So there he was, back in uniform, buried underneath the warm ups he never removed, as the case had been opening night when Marbury was unknowingly banished from the rotation, and hadn't been active since before last night.

The latest episode of Steph by Steph took yet another interesting turn, this time with the disgruntled star given a chance to play and deciding not to.

His decision will likely hasten the process of his removal from the world's most famous arena, as Walsh is expected to meet with Marbury again in the next few days, perhaps to finalize a possible buyout or outright release.

Marbury has received help from the NBA player's union, as he doesn't have an agent and represents himself.

If and when Marbury finally gets the pink slip he has been overdue to receive, it's widely expected Patrick Ewing Jr. will be brought back and join the team which traded for him and subsequently released him prior to opening night.

To say that the Marbury saga desperately needs to end would be an understatement, as yet again he found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons, refusing to play on a night when his team needed him.

In fairness, the same team had told him his services weren't wanted or needed in the ten games prior, so Marbury's refusal shouldn't have come as much of a surprise considering how he's been treated since the season started.

Nevertheless, Marbury had a chance to take advantage of a rare opportunity to showcase himself to potential suitors, while showing he could put his ego to rest for a night and step up for the team who still supplies his paycheck.

Of course as only Stephon Marbury seems capable of doing, despite not being traded and not playing in his team's game last night, he found himself right in the middle of yet another controversy.

With things finally moving in the right direction for a franchise that hasn't been able to get out of it's own way in almost ten years, Walsh needs to end Marbury's Knick tenure once and for all.

In doing so, he can get the focus back on what his franchise is able to accomplish on the court, as opposed to the ones their former starting point guard continues to make off it.