Top 25 "This Is Sportscenter" Commercials

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If you found this article, you are clearly a sports junkie like me. It means you are on a website which has the sole desire to present articles, slide shows, videos and other media all pertaining to the world of sports to the general public. And they do a darn good job at it.

You also must have torn through the archives to find this specific slide show since I'm not exactly the Justin Verlander of sports writers (see, you understand that reference because you understand sports!).

Anyway, this all just goes to serve as a giant disclaimer: If for some reason, you have stumbled across my slide show without previous knowledge of sports, exit the browser now. I promise the references in the videos will be lost on anyone who does not understand the subtleties of specific athletes, teams and sports. 

So, everyone watches SportsCenter on ESPN. Everyone has seen the wildly successful ad campaign "This is SportsCenter." To the diehard sports fan, these commercials are gut-busting. And it's been said that an entire night can be wasted if you search that slogan on ESPN's YouTube channel. I mean, I wouldn't know personally. I've just been told. There's no way I've spent a whole night doing that.

Okay, I've done it twice.

But I believe that makes me an expert on the topic. So without further ado, here are the top 25 "This is SportsCenter" ads of all time.

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