WWE Night of Champions 2011: Triple H's Return to the Ring Will Be Permanent

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IISeptember 14, 2011

Triple H will be trading in his suit and tie for a sledgehammer permanently after this Sunday.  Triple H must resign as WWE COO if he loses to CM Punk at “Night of Champions.” 

Triple will lose to CM Punk.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who could take over as COO if Triple H was to lose this Sunday.  Not many people seem interested in what would happen to Triple H himself.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley would not be an executive anymore when he loses.  He would be a wrestler. 

Perhaps the point we have all been missing is that a loss to CM Punk opens the door for Triple H to return to the ring permanently. 

Triple H is an established talent that would revive the main event picture.  He already has a rival in CM Punk.   WWE Creative could include Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and the WWE title into the story and you have a solid group of stars all vying for the WWE title.

The true reason why this is a good idea is to get the focus back onto the WWE title and not a silly feud over text messages. 

Most fans criticize the state of the mid card and Diva’s divisions.  I think more important is the ability to have a fresh number one contender for the World and WWE titles, respectively.

Triple H and CM Punk could feud at the same time as John Cena and Alberto Del Rio do.  Then, slowly mesh the groups together and start building towards a new number one contender.  If John Cena is going to feud with the Rock, then insert Triple H and CM Punk into the WWE title picture with Alberto Del Rio.

Is Triple H a long-term solution? 

No.  He has the ability to revitalize a stale WWE title picture, but he can only sustain for so long.  However, Triple H doesn’t have to be in the championship picture for the next few years.  He only needs to hang around until the WWE begins to push some of their younger talent.  In fact he does not even have to win the title again to make his presence felt.

The best way to build up your young talent is to make the mid card titles relevant again.  Let Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and others duke it out over the Intercontinental and United States Championships.  In the past so many great World Champions started out by being involved in the mid card title scene first.

Triple H losing to Punk and becoming a wrestler again is exactly what the WWE needs.  The WWE Championship picture gets an established talent and WWE Creative gets time to further develop their young talent. 

Triple H does not NEED to be the COO.  In fact I think there are more interesting people than Triple H that that could take over.  I'd honestly enjoy seeing Stephy Mac back on the scene.  Regardless, whoever they chose to replace him with will influence the direction of current storylines, but at least let Triple H do what he does best:  Wrestle.

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