WWE Night of Champions 2011: The Match That Can Steal the PPV

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 14, 2011

This marks the beginning of an experimental monthly article I will do every time a WWE pay-per-view event rolls around. Every PPV has at least five matches to offer, and Night of Champions has plenty more than that. Outside of the main event, there are other exciting matches on the card that have the potential to steal the show.

So which match can and/or will steal the show? Considering the PPV, there are four choices to choose from.

First is the Divas' Championship match between Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. Then you have the Intercontinental match between Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, the Tag Team Champions' match with teams "Air Boom" and "Awesome Truth" and, finally, the Fatal Four Way match for the United States' Championship.

Without a doubt, there is no lack of matches for this event. After much thought, I believe the match that can steal the show is the Fatal Four Way for the Unties States Championship. Competing in the match will be Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, John Morrison and Alex Riley. All have proven they can handle the spotlight in the WWE.

All of them except Alex Riley has carried gold with them and that is only because he has been given limited opportunities. With that in mind, all competitors will bring a championship attitude into this match and lay it all out in order to bring the title home with them. 

John Morrison has always been able to dazzle the crowd with his moves, toughness and unique style. He has not been treated well by WWE as of late and so Morrison is going out there to prove he is still a main-event-caliber guy for WWE.

WIth a chip on his shoulder, he is going to out there to prove his worth. John Morrison at his best is always a must watch. 

Alex Riley, when it comes down to it, is unproven in the ring. He has had matches that were okay, but that is not what WWE wants from him going into this match. They are putting him in the match and giving him some spotlight to work with. They see his potential and it will be up to him to bring it out.

RIley has something to prove to WWE. A great performance here means that WWE will start taking him seriously going into the future. 

Now let's talk about Jack Swagger.

He is not a bad wrestler or athlete. He has held gold on him and he plans on having more gold around his waist when Night Of Champion is over. When pushed to his limit he knows how to put on a main event and show the crowd his dominance.

For the past couple of weeks he has displayed his skills in the ring and has been impressive. With plenty of motivation for him to succeed, he is going to show the world why he should be the champion.

Finally, Dolph Ziggler has a lot on his plate. He doesn't have to worry about just getting pinned to lose the title. He has to face three other people and he is not happy about it. For weeks on end he has been putting up with Jack Swagger and not knowing if his own manager is on his side.

Dolph Ziggler has much to worry about going into the match and winning it might prove difficult if his head gets the best of him. That said, Dolph has put on spectacles and gem matches before and this will be no different. His IC matches were always entertaining and competitive. 

Dolph Ziggler's match against Randy Orton showed his toughness and proves he is not easy to put down. He almost beat the World Heavyweight Champion and looked great in doing so. There are many disadvantages for Dolph Ziggler going into the match, but the one advantage he does have is that he may be the best competitor of them all.

Every single one of these people have something big to prove going into this match, and I like it. They all have their chance to shine and show off what they can do. If all of them walk into the ring and fight like they all have the right to be the United States' Champion, this will not only be a great match, but a match that can steal the show.

Tell me your thoughts on what match can still the show and why. I appreciate all the feedback I can get!

Thanks for reading!