Wisconsin-Cal Poly: The Badgers Beat Cal Poly. Boo.

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst INovember 22, 2008

I wouldn't say that I was rooting against the Badgers as they took on Division I-AA Cal Poly on Saturday, but I definitely was not rooting for them. In fact, after the Badgers' 36-35 win over the Mustangs, I was kind of upset. Here's why, Bucky Five style.

5. It's embarrassing

Seriously, how excited are we as a fanbase about a one-point win over a Division I-AA school? Even if they are regarded as a decent team, we are in one of the BCS conferences! While it's not as bad as Michigan's loss to Appalachian State a year ago, it still ranks up there as reasons why the Big Ten has turned into a joke.

4. My Madison buddies

Here's the thing. I went to school at UW-La Crosse. Many of my friends went to UW-Madison. Now, even though I enjoyed the hell out of my visits to Madison and have been a Badger fan all my life, I used to have a pretty big chip on my shoulder when it came to my high school friends that went there.

Even though everyone turns into a douchebag when they go to college (because they are finally free to do whatever they want and become more "cultured"), that seems to happen at a greater pace in Madison. Back me up on this. People that go to Madison think they are better than you. It's bad freshman year, but it eventually fades away, and our friends return to being normal.

But for that reason, it would have been nice to see Bear's Badgers fall to Cal Poly.

3. The future of our coach

For the Bielema haters out there...there is no way Bielema isn't fired if the Badgers lose that game. A loss on Saturday, no matter how unfathomable it may have been, would have doomed his tenure and possibly put this program back on track.

2. Act like you've been there before

Speaking of D-bags that go to Madison, meet Andy Kemp. He's the obnoxious lineman who celebrated like he was in Grant Park on Election Night. Even the announcers on the Big Ten network mentioned that it had appeared as if the Badgers had just beaten Ohio State for the Big Ten title with the way the guys were celebrating.

You guys just beat a Division I-AA school on an extra point, and that's how you celebrate? I know it was the seniors' last game and all, but that might have been the most embarrassing part of the whole affair.

But Kemp is from Menasha, so that explains some of it.

1. I feel for Andrew Gardner

How could you not feel bad for the Mustangs kicker who missed three extra points, as well as a potential game-winner in regulation? I'm not usually one to feel bad for the other team, but as someone who has constantly let down people in his life, I feel Gardner's pain.