TNA: Now That Bobby Roode Is the No. 1 Contender, the 8 Things I Want to See

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IISeptember 14, 2011

TNA: Now That Bobby Roode Is the No. 1 Contender, the 8 Things I Want to See

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    Bobby Roode did what many of us TNA fans wanted him to do: he won the Bound for Glory Series.

    Now, as the No. 1 contender, things on Impact will change—hopefully for the better.

    I, for one, am glad there is a new sheriff in town, and with that comes major story-lines, major changes in competition, and some new rivalries that will develop before Bound for Glory in October.

    And, sadly, some of these changes will not be for the better or sit well with fans and the IWC.

    Since I am the one writing this slideshow, I get to play general manager and decide what should happen now that we know who will fight for the title, and who is left in the wake.

8. Let's See the Creative Team Give More Respect to AJ Styles

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    If there is one wrestler in TNA who deserves anything he wants, it should be Styles.

    Styles was involved in the BFG Series, and was part of Destination X and the main event with Christopher Daniels.

    But now, he is a mid-card wrestler and part of Fortune, which is going nowhere.

    He deserves a better fate than what he has been given by creative.

7. Dismantle Immortal

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    The stable is not that stable and it is going nowhere.

    Gunner needs a push to superstar status; Bully Ray needs a new whipping boy.

    Scott Steiner needs to retire.

    Abyss needs a face change.

    All these things need to happen, but don't look for creative to do anything about it.

6. Put the Knockouts Title on Someone Other Than Winter or Mickie James

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    There are more women in this division—use their talents and use them wisely.

    TNA has done a great job of using women to wrestle and keeping fans interested.

    There would not be any harm in putting the belt on Rosita or Sarita—or even Jackie.

5. Have Abyss Turn Face and Fight Bully Ray

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    This is something we have all been asking for.

    Abyss needs to turn face and challenge those who have brought him down.

    Ie could have the lovable appeal of Mankind.

4. Get Rid of the Jarretts

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    What purpose do they have on this program?

    Yes, Jeff founded TNA, but he does not need to be on the screen every week (a la Hulk Hogan).

3. End This Hogan, Flair, Sting Feud Soon

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    It is a walk down nightmare lane.

    It has to come to an end.

    Sting can still wrestle, but Flair looks like death and Hogan will not perform like his old self.

    Make it stop!

2. Have James Storm Challenge Eric Young for the Television Title

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    Storm's body of work over the last two months has been a real upgrade.

    Give him a strap of his own.

    Storm could win the title and then turn heel; he could challenge Gunner who could turn face.

    The fans would eat it up.

1. Make Austin Aries More Than the X-Division Champion

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    Now that he has won the title, make it the stepping stone. In other words, make him the new AJ Styles.

    Aries is charismatic, a great voice on the mic, and he is genuinely hated by TNA fans.

    He is ideal for superstardom.

    And better yet, since I see some of the same characteristics in him, make Ric Flair his manager.