WWE/TNA: Brock Lesnar and the Top 5 Shooting Star Press Masters of All Time

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2011

WWE/TNA: Brock Lesnar and the Top 5 Shooting Star Press Masters of All Time

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    The Shooting Star Press is one of the most impressive and beautiful moves in professional wrestling.

    Sure, some people can do more with it and even do this crazy thing called a phoenix splash, but the Shooting Star Press will always be an amazing move in its own right.

    The SSP, invented by Jushin Liger, is a dazzling move that includes a midair back flip. It is an instant highlight-reel moment every time it is performed.

    There are many people throughout WWE's and TNA's history who have executed a shooting star press, but only a few are true masters of the move.

    The following highlights the great wrestlers from WWE and TNA who have made the shooting star press legendary.

Honorable Mentions

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    John Morrison: He is one of the most athletic men in the WWE today, and he can do almost anything. This is true for the Shooting Star Press. He is mostly known for a standing version of the move, but he has executed the move off the top on occasion.

    Shane McMahon: A special attraction wrestler almost exclusively, Shane made the most of his time in the ring. He was not built as a cruiser weight, or a wrestler for that matter, but he could truly fly when he wanted to. His Shooting Star Press was great to watch.

    AJ Styles: The greatest athlete in TNA today, AJ Styles can do anything. His athleticism is a true art form, as is his shooting star press (shown above).

5. Paul London

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    Paul London is incredibly athletic.

    The things he could do in the ring with his partner Brian Kendrick were amazing, and they simply defied gravity at times.

    Sorry about the bad quality, but watch the video to the left. I swear there is a second there where he just floats.

    He can execute the move perfectly whenever he wants to, and no one can stop him.

4. Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar is 6'3" and 280 pounds.

    The fact that this man can execute a shooting star press at all is mastery.

    Sure, he botched it when it mattered at WrestleMania XIX, but he still can execute the move. He would show the move off best when not being aired. He can perform the move on an opponent over halfway across the ring.

    The above video shows you how a man who should not be able to leave the ground scares gravity into a corner.

    It is just incredible.

3. Billy Kidman

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    The WWE's original Shooting Star Press came from Billy Kidman.

    Kidman knew what he was doing with this move, and some even credit him as the originator of the move (incorrectly but with respect).

    Kidman would use this move for much of his career, and he really delivered it with impact.

    As shown above, Kidman's SSP always seems to land with force.

    He is the originator of the move only in WWE, but he made it his own.

2. Jushin Liger

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    Yes, the originator of the move needs a place on a list of the masters of the Shooting Star Press.

    He made the move in the first place, which already gives him a high spot on the list.

    He also looks amazing in the air every time he flips to hit this move.

    So why is he not No. 1?

    Well, his landing of the move is not always spectacular, but, more importantly, Liger just does not have the showmanship of the No. 1...

1. Evan Bourne

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    Air Bourne is simply the most spectacular SSP ever.

    Every time Evan Bourne goes up to the top rope, he lets you know what is coming.

    The next two seconds are absolutely spectacular. From the height he can get to the impact he makes and the way he sells the move, everything is perfectly done.

    Bourne may not have made the move, but he brought it back.

    WWE had the move banned because of a botch by Kidman, and Bourne actually made the WWE lift the ban for him because he could execute the move so well.

    That just shows how great he is at the move.

    Absolutely breathtaking!

Outside of WWE/TNA

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    In Ring of Honor and the independent circuit, there are some crazy guys.

    These guys cannot just do the Shooting Star Press. They can do multiple flips in the air or add a corkscrew and an elbow to the mix.

    To the left, Davey Richards shows us his SSP which must be one of the simplest aerial moves he knows.

    If you truly are memorized by high flying, WWE and Evan Bourne are not the end all, be all.

Thank You!

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    Thank you for reading all the way through!

    As a reward, here is a video to remember the greatest counter to the SSP ever!

    Comment if you think I missed someone or you just love the SSP!