WWE: Predictions and Options for the Storyline

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2011

This week on Raw, the microphone got cut off a grand total of two times. Triple H scrambled to get another one for CM Punk to complete what he had to say face to face. For his troubles, CM Punk laid out Triple H with the microphone and left him lying in the ring as he exited smiling.

WWE had cut the microphone off before, when CM Punk did his now infamous worked shoot. WWE did it right, however, thus making the impact they were looking for. The tension between the two cannot be any higher going into the pay per view Night of Champions.

There was even video on WWE.com for a short while with John Laurinaitis asking what had happened with the microphones, and he was going to find out who did it while getting on his phone. This has since been taken down by WWE, but it is expected to be put back up at some point.   

The questions that the WWE is posing, however, such as who would step up if Triple H was to lose and what could happen if he did lose are already answered. If Triple H were to lose, it would be obvious who would take over for him: his wife Stephanie McMahon. 

She is the most logical choice, and is the only one not invovled in all of the madness that is taking place. People have speculated that John Laurinaitis could be deeply involved, but with how things have been playing out he may be innocent after all. Alberto Del Rio is too busy with John Cena and Kevin Nash is fired.

Stephanie McMahon would take over, and when that happens she will say that Triple H had been embarrassed by CM Punk, and as the new COO she will not stand for it to continue any further. From there she will re-hire Kevin Nash to go after CM Punk and the feud will continue that way. 

She can easily keep this up for weeks on end while Triple H sells his angle of being really beaten up at the pay per view. From there, Awesome Truth will only get madder because it went from being Triple H to his crazy wife and now things will only get worse. They need to do something themselves and from their could offer their hand in helping CM Punk.

Awesome Truth sees that CM Punk is not the problem. Triple H, his wife, and Kevin Nash are. They could align and take on Kevin Nash. Triple H will eventually return and Survivor Series will be around the corner. Teams would be made from Triple H and CM Punk. Who would be on the teams would be a complete surprise with three spots to fill on Triple H's team and two on CM Punk's.

They would put on the line that if CM Punk team wins, then Stephanie McMahon would have to step down and they would get to choose who is in power. If Triple H's team wins, CM Punk will be fired from the company and the rest of the team would be in danger of losing their jobs as well thus making their lives a living hell.

From there it would be unpredictable as to what WWE will decide to do with the storyline, and the WWE title at this point would not really matter to the fans. There are so many directions that the WWE could take, and a lot of options to consider. This would open the window to bringing back superstars, even if it was for one match. 

This is a distinct possibility, but all of this rides on one thing; CM Punk winning at the pay per view event. WWE does not have much to gain with Triple H winning it. CM Punk winning advances the storyline the most and in a progressive way which will keep the fans into it. 

I do think Triple H will win because he has done nothing but great things for WWE as COO, and taking the belt off of him does not seem like something WWE would do. Maybe I will be wrong, and maybe I will not. The fact remains that if WWE wants fans to stay with this, CM Punk must win.

They will only fall into boredom if they do not.

Those are my thoughts on how this could be played out. Let me know your thoughts on how you think it will play out, and anything else you think might happen. Check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get!

Thanks for reading!