CFL's 96th Grey Cup: Allsports Knows the 96th Grey Cup Will be a Great Game

Walt WebbCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

Its that time of year again when the CFL Championship game for the Grey Cup will be played this Sunday in Montreal. The home town Montreal Alouettes will play the Calgary Stampeders for the cup. Looking on the web this week for sportsnews stories, you will find many on the two teams and analysis of the up coming game.

The problem is that until this time of year the CFL goes relatively unnoticed in the sports world. Its too bad really because it is a great brand of football with the games usually pretty exciting, close, with lots of scoring. The lead will sometimes change hands six or seven times throughout the game and it is usually a play in the dying seconds of the game that wins it.

Calgary Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel, left, and Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman

In some ways I like the Canadian game better than the NFL game because you have to pass the ball and move it 10 yards in two downs instead of three or your kicking the ball away.

In the NFL a lot of the time it is just a big pile up at the line of scrimmage getting their two or three yards on each down. The main reason the NFL is so big is one thing, Money. Without the millions of dollars being bet on the games each week, I doubt you would have the interest that you do in the product.

Montreal Practice

I did speak about the history of the CFL (Canadian Football League) in an article a while back when I did a tribute to the Little General, Ron Lancaster.

So now I would like to point out the major differences between the Canadian Football League and its cousin the National Football League south of the border. If you were so inclined, you could find the information on the web looking for sports news for rules in the game of Football but to make things easier, allsports will give you the difference in a nutshell.

The field for the Canadian game is ten yards longer and wider than the NFL field. The End Zones are deeper. The CFL only has three downs while the NFL has four. The ball is slightly larger in the Canadian game. The Canadian game allows for one more player on the field. On a kick return the receiver of the kick has to be given five yards by the opposition to get possession of the ball before he is tackled.

Those are the major differences in the two games. The bottom line is that the Canadian game promotes more passing and the quarterback has to be a little more mobile to avoid being sacked. Anyway you look at it, it is still football and the Grey Cup game should be very entertaining. Tune in and enjoy the game.

“No Guts No Glory.”

Walt Webb

P.S. Anthony Calvillo was the big winner this year for the CFL awards as he won the “Most Outstanding Player”. You can check the other CFL award winners by going to TSN for other sports news stories on the web. I am picking Montreal to win it just because they are at home. Anyway you look at it the game will be a good one and be very close.