Keys to Success: Three Ways The Bulls Can Turn Around Their Season

Joe WillettSenior Writer INovember 22, 2008

The Chicago Bulls were looking like a team that had something to prove heading into this season, but so far, they have fallen flat on their face.

They have been miserable on their annual Circus Road Trip and they have fallen to a miserable 6-7 record.  However, they aren't as far away from success as some may think.

I may be just a delusional Bulls fan, but I think that I can help good ol' Vinny Del Negro along with some quick fixes to help the Bulls season.

Work with a Rose-Gordon back-court more often

Derrick Rose has hit the ground running in his NBA career, helping the team along through some rough nights and carrying the team.

Teams have begun to gameplan against him, and he has been able to work through it and still put up stellar numbers.  He is averaging 18.8 ppg, 5.5 apg and 4.3 rpg, not bad for a rookie's first 13 career games.

Gordon has been a streaky shooter in the past, but when he is on, he is spectacular.  He has instigated some fourth quarter comebacks in the past, and it's not a stretch to say that he will do it again.  He has averaged a strong 20 ppg so far this season, and he has been more consistent.

If these two were to get enough time together to become a tandem in the backcourt, the consequences could be deadly for whoever has to face them.

Gordon is a smaller player, but when he gets an open shot, he can can put the ball in the basket pretty easily.  With Rose's penetration, Gordon is getting better looks at the basket, and he is able to make a higher percentage of his shots.

As of now, Gordon is shooting 44% from the field and 34% from 3-point range, and those numbers are even higher when Rose is the point guard at the time.  They have only scratched the surface together, and they could become one of the best back-court tandems in the NBA.

It's not too late to trade for a big man

The Bulls have been suffering a lack of size for years, and so far this season, they have been struggling against bigger lineups, and their own ability inside has been a huge question.

With Tyrus Thomas shooting just 29% from the field and Joakim Noah scoring just 3.4 ppg, their young post players have been miserable offensively.  Drew Gooden has been average, 11.1 ppg with 8.8 rpg, but that isn't anything to be overly excited about.

Big men aren't really on the trading block right now, but they need to at least try to convince a team that they should trade their man in the middle for a package of our players.

We have two decent small forwards, so Andres Nocioni is disposable at this point, without a real big man, they are destined to mediocrity.

Experiment with playing three guards

If the Bulls can't pry a big man away from a team, they are going to need to embrace their lack of size inside by making teams move around and getting them tired.

They should look at playing a combination of using three of their guards at the same time, with Larry Hughes, Kirk Hinrich, Gordon and Rose at their disposal it would be foolish to be letting two of those scorers sit on the bench at all times.

Allowing three of those players to be on the court at once along with another shooter like Luol Deng, they are going to be able to make teams move side-to-side instead of waiting for the ball to come to them.

If they can get two of those players on a streak at the same time, they could become deadly from three-point range, killing players.

They can wear out the opposing teams larger players and then they will have lanes to run inside with and they will be able to pick their shots, making it a nightmare for other teams to cover their speed.

If they are able to get at least two of these things working, the Bulls should be able to pick up their lackluster season and actually make something out of this developmental season.

I'm Joe W.

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