LeBron James Headlines 2010 Free Agent Class

Nate PowersCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

During an offseason where a group of NBA professionals played for Olympic gold, a team moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City, and major names signed huge contracts with new teams, the top subject happened to be LeBron James and his contract, which is set to expire at the end of the 2010 season.

Rumors have spread that James will sign with the Knicks or possibly the Nets when he becomes a free agent.  Note to the media: LeBron's a winner, the Knicks and Nets are not.  Sure New York is a great city with so much to do.  It's one of my favorite places to visit.

The Knicks are saying that they have the money to take LeBron away from the Cavaliers.  The NBA bases its contracts on the fact that the team that owns a player can not be outbid by an opposing team.

The Knicks have that working against them and the losing seasons they have built up over the beginning of this century.

In case you were wondering, LeBron has money (Nike, Sprite, etc.).

Say LeBron stays in Cleveland, the area he has spent his entire life, with a team that is capable of winning a championship this year.

If the Cavs win a championship, LeBron isn't leaving.  This is what the Nets and Knicks are hoping doesn't happen.

Say LeBron stays in Cleveland where he belongs.  Who can the teams of the NBA bank on?  Well they are lucky because there are plenty of bachelors.

I can think of nine notable players that will make an impact for any team.

Dwyane Wade is one of the best guards in the league.  Not to mention, he has an NBA title.

Tracy McGrady has been on some bad teams (Magic, Raptors).  If he is put on a decent team, he can lead them to a championship.

Manu Ginobilli is the best bench player in the league.  He's good enough to start and lead a team.  He is a class act and non-stop hard worker.  Who wouldn't want him on their team?

Amare Stoudamire is a powerhouse in the paint and a great scorer and rebounder.  He is still young and will be around for a very long time.

Michael Redd is an Olympic gold medalist.  He is often overlooked because he plays for a mediocre Milwaukee Bucks team.  But, he is a hard worker and great player.

Ray Allen is a defending NBA champion.  He is always a deep three-point threat in every game.  While he played for a plague of a team in Seattle, his career has been revived since going to Boston.

Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors is another option.  He is often overlooked because he was drafted out of the class of 2003 with James, Wade, and Anthony. He is a hard player and great rebounder.

Dirk Nowitzki is a class NBA veteran.  He is also a hard worker and a threat on offense from any point on the floor.

Joe Johnson is an offensive machine.  He scores at will and he lead the below par Hawks to the playoffs last year.  Not to mention that he almost helped the Hawks overthrow the Celtics in the playoffs last year.

So if LeBron stays in Cleveland, which he probably will, the Knicks, Nets, and every other team have plenty of other choices to choose from.

As we all know, only time will tell.