Chelsea vs Bayer Leverku: André Villas-Boas Will Make Massive Immediate Impact

Richard LangfordCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2011

André Villas-Boas is ready to take Chelsea to new Champions League heights. This is certainly no easy task. Plenty of Chelsea managers have come and gone before him, as they have failed to take this proud club beyond the Champions League semifinals. 

The message here is clear: Nothing short of the trophy will be rated as a success when it comes to leading Chelsea. Villas-Boas has the focus and drive to make this happen.

Villas-Boas, as quoted on

"We're always confident, but we just have to focus.

"Chelsea are not the only top European club who haven't won it. Others have not won it and want it. It's incredible, but it's a fact. Only in the last few years have Barcelona added a few more European Cups to their trophies, after all, and they're a top, top club.

"Our time will eventually come. We just have to focus on making it one of our objectives, as it has been for the past few seasons. I don't think I'll be judged on how I do [in the Champions League]. I don't think so."

Success may not be instant for Villas-Boas, but given enough time, his message will grip this team and lead them to the promised land. The results will be felt immediately, as he plants the seeds for future success.

Villa-Boas' skill as a manager is apparent. He became the youngest manager to claim a major European trophy after winning the Europa League with Porto in May. Villa-Boas has a keen eye for the talents of his players. He knows how to put them in a position to succeed, and he is a supreme motivator.

Chelsea is now set to reap the rewards of his immense talent.