WWE: Predicting the Future Stars and Duds of the WWE

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIOctober 4, 2011

WWE: Predicting the Future Stars and Duds of the WWE

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    After a long break from writing, I have made my return. I apologize for not writing frequently, but I have begun college and wanted to get everything straightened out.

    But enough with the small talk. In this article I will discuss who I think will become a future main-eventer and who will never really amount to anything in the WWE.

    The superstars are currently on the WWE roster and as of publish time, are not main-eventers. This article will surely inspire some passion and debate, and like always, your feedback is welcome.

Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley started out strong in the WWE as The Miz's right hand man. Now, Riley has been wrestling a few random matches and not developing much of an angle.

    Riley has the mic skills and is athletic enough to become a player in the WWE, but he needs to develop his character more. One other knock on Riley is that whenever he wins, he celebrates like he has just defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It makes him look pathetic in my mind. Celebrate a little but don't go over the top.


    Likelihood Alex Riley becomes a main event talent: 7/10

    Pros: mic skills, decent look, athletic and the fans like him.

    Cons: limited move-set (so far) and his current character can only take him so far.

Brodus Clay

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    Brodus Clay is very similar to Alex Riley. He started out string as Alberto del Rio's protege, but now he has gone off the radar.

    Brodus has a very good skill set for a big man and definitely has that "look" that Vince loves. He needs more time on the mic and a few more matches before he can be judged more in depth.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 5/10

    Pros: agile (for a big man), good look.

    Cons: no mic experience, hasn't wrestled very much just yet.

    Clay gets a 5/10 base rating because I can't judge him based on what I have seen so far.

Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes is already a pretty big star in the WWE, but he has yet to break into the main event on a frequent basis and win any world titles. Rhodes is currently the Intercontinental Champion, and he is bringing some prestige back to that title.

    It is only a matter of time before Rhodes breaks through and becomes a world champion.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 10/10

    Pros: mic skills, wrestling ability, charisma, good look.

    Cons: current gimmick is getting stale, although the WWE is finally giving him some new life with it.

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is the current Smackdown MITB holder and will be in the main event at WrestleMania in due time. Bryan has all the talent needed to become a big star, but he is lacking in the charisma and gimmick department. If Bryan can fix those problems, then he should be a mainstay in the main event scene.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 8/10

    Pros: wrestling ability, enough mic skills to get by on but could be better.

    Cons: Charisma, gimmick.

David Otunga

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    David Otunga doesn't impress me. He has a bad gimmick, average-at-best mic skills and average wrestling ability. Otunga needs a big change in his character to have a chance at making it in the WWE. He is still around because he and McGillicutty are in the tag division, which the WWE is trying to reform.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 2/10

    Pros: N/A

    Cons: average mic skills and ability, bad gimmick, poor charisma.

Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre started out his career as the "chosen one" and actually faced The Undertaker. McIntyre then had feuds with Matt Hardy, MVP and others before eventually ending up lost in the mid card. McIntyre has all the talent necessary to be a main event talent, but, according to some, he needs to work on his mic skills.

    I think that his character needs to be developed more. "The American Nightmare" is a good gimmick, but he needs to be more sinister. Make him ignore the referee's five-count and have him get disqualified to build up some heat and then start a feud with that superstar.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 7.5/10

    Pros: good ability, nice look.

    Cons: needs to work on mic skills, character depth.

Evan Bourne

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    Bourne has very little chance of becoming anything big in the WWE. He lacks the look and mic skills that are needed to be a big star. Bourne is currently a tag team champion with Kofi Kingston and that is where he will likely stay.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 3/10

    Pros: ability and fan support.

    Cons: small, poor mic skills, character is not interesting or useful.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    Jackson has the size and enough athletic ability as a big man to be successful in the WWE. Jackson is lacking in the charisma and mic skill area and that may hinder his career.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 6/10

    Pros: size, athletic for a big man, crowd seems to like him.

    Cons: mic skills, limited move-set, charisma could be better.

Heath Slater

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    What is there to say about Slater. He has average ability but that is about it. He is awkward-sounding on the mic and has little to no charisma.


    Likelihood of becoming a main event talent: 3/10

    Pros: average wrestling ability.

    Cons: mic skill, charisma, character.

Jack Swagger

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    Yes, Swagger has won World Championships in the past, but currently, he is not in the main event scene. However, if you are a fan of his, I would not worry about that. Swagger has good ability and a decent look. Swagger can draw some good heat as well. All he needs to do is work on his mic skills and he will be the total package.

    Swagger will be back in the main event.


    Likelihood of getting back into the main event: 9.5/10

    Pros: look, ability, can draw a reaction.

    Cons: mic skills.

The Usos

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    I combined these two because that's where I think they will be, together, for much of their careers. These guys are pure tag team wrestlers. They are good tag team guys, but I can't see them having good singles careers. They both have athletic ability, can draw a reaction and have a good look for a tag team.


    Likelihood of becoming main-eventers: 4/10

    Pros: ability, can get a reaction, look.

    Cons: mic skills, tag team for life.

Jinder Mahal

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    What to say about this guy. He has a nice look and could probably draw heat if given a more aggressive angle. He has average ability and average mic skills. Mahal comes off as the guy who is always in the mid card.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 5/10

    Pros: look, ability.

    Cons: mic skills, gimmick can get stale quickly.

John Morrison

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    This guy is a paradox.

    He has been around for a long time and has great in-ring ability. He needs a new gimmick, as the one he has now, if he even has one, is stale. He is average at best on the mic but has been getting lessons.

    What hurts him the most is backstage politics. He seems to make a lot of people angry backstage and that could be his downfall. For example, if down the road, the WWE is considering pushing either Drew McIntyre or John Morrison, the WWE will be able to say that Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Triple H like McIntyre, and all John Morrison ever does is tick people off.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 6.5/10

    Pros: ability, look.

    Cons: mic skills, gimmick, attitude/involvement with Melina.

Johnny Curtis

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    Forgive the short slide here, but I just don't know a lot about Curtis. I have not watched any of his matches, and all I have seen of him are his cheesy promos on Smackdown.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: N/A

    Pros: N/A

    Cons: N/A 

    I will leave it to you guys to educate me in the comment section about Curtis.


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    Not much to say here. He has athletic ability and mic skills, but he has been around far too long to make a breakthrough in the WWE.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 2/10

    Pros: ability, mic skills, crowd reaction.

    Cons: stale.

Justin Gabriel

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    I like Gabriel. He has ability and the fans can get behind him. His mic skills need work and he could use a deeper gimmick, but that can come in time. He does lack the so-called "look," and I think he may be hard to take seriously as a champion.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 6/10

    Pros: ability, crowd reaction.

    Cons: size, gimmick, mic skills.

Kofi Kingston

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    No one has flirted with the main event scene more than Kingston. For every fan of Kingston who wants to see him break through, there is at least one who thinks he can't make it. Kingston has great athletic ability and good charisma for what his gimmick is. But there is one of the problems.

    Kingston has been a non-Jamaican Jamaican for way too long. I'm not even sure why WWE tries to make us think he is Jamaican. Kingston also has average-at-best mic skills.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 7.5/10

    Pros: ability, fans like him.

    Cons: mic skills, gimmick.

Mason Ryan

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    What can be said about Mason Ryan? He is the typical big man. He has a great look but thayt's about it. He has no real mic skills or charisma. I'm not sure how this face turn will turn out, but I guess we will see.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 6/10

    Pros: look.

    Cons: mic skills, charisma, gimmick.

Michael Mcgillicutty

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    This guy is in need of an overhaul. He has a good enough look and has decent skills, but his charisma and gimmick are just annoying. The fans don't seem to care what he does and neither do I, really.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 4/10

    pros: look, skill.

    Cons: charisma, gimmick (is he a white gangster?), fan reaction.


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    Primo will never be a main-eventer. He has decent skill, but he has been a jobber for far too long.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 1/10

    Pros: skill.

    Cons: everything else.

Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara is confusing. On one hand, everyone says he has great in-ring ability, but he botches frequently. The fans love his entrance but chant "boring" during his matches. He can't speak English, so he has no mic skills. He has also violated the wellness policy.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 5/10

    Pros: ability, look (attire looks good for a high-flying gimmick).

    Cons: mic skills, charisma, gimmick is non-existent.

Skip Sheffield

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    Skip has not been around for some time, so I am hesitant to even put him on this list. He does have a good look, but I'm not sure about anything else.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 5/10

    Pros: look

    Cons: N/A

    Wish I could say more, but I have not seen enough of him.

Ted DiBiase

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    DiBiase should have been a main-eventer by now, but he has not been able to gain any ground. DiBiase has a good look, decent skills, charisma is good enough and the fans can get behind him. I'm not sure why he hasn't made it yet, but he will eventually make it...I think.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 7/10

    Pros: look, charisma, skill

    Cons: gimmick is stale, needs some depth

Trent Baretta, Tyler Reks, Yoshi Tatsu

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    All of these guys have certain skills, but they will probably never make it to the top. Tyler Reks has the greatest chance out of the group. I think forming a tag team with him and Drew McIntyre could work out for both of them. Who knows?


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: Trent (1/10), Reks (4/10), Tatsu (2/10)

Tyson Kidd

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    He has gotten stale but still has a chance. Tyson has nice ability and if he develops a character, he can be interesting. As it stands now, though, his current gimmick will never get him to where he wants to go.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 4/10

    Pros: ability.

    Cons: mic skills, gimmick.

Wade Barrett

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    I'm not sure why he has yet to reach the main event and capture a title, but he will soon. Barrett has everything needed to be a world champion.


    Likelihood of becoming a main-eventer: 10/10

    Pros: everything, hard to find a weakness.

    Cons: you tell me.

Zack Ryder

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    The man everyone loves. He has gotten himself over, has enough skill to be good and has the fans behind him. His gimmick is annoying to me and I can never see the world champ being him with his current gimmick, but if he changes it, he can be great.

    Then again, everyone loves him how he is.


    Likelihood of becoming main-eventer: 6/10

    Pros: skill, look, charisma, crowd.

    Cons: gimmick.

Not Featured

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    Sheamus: obviously he has already made it to the top.

    Dolph Ziggler: has already won a world title (no matter how short), has a big-time manager, involved in a storyline that gets frequent time. He is pretty much a main-eventer already.


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    That is all I have for you.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    Thanks for reading.