WWE Night of Champions 2011: Why Triple H Will Rip CM Punk in Their No-DQ Match

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IISeptember 13, 2011

WWE Night of Champions 2011: Why Triple H Will Rip CM Punk in Their No-DQ Match

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    When Triple H took over Kevin Nash's place in the match with CM Punk, it made things more interesting in the wresting world.

    First of all, you have a man with a bunch of corporate power in "The Game" and you have a man who spits in the face of authority in CM Punk.  It sounds like the classic "Austin vs. McMahon" scenario; however, it has two of the top talents in the wrestling world because to be honest, was McMahon one of the best wrestlers when he entered his feud with Austin?

    Anyway, on the subject, HHH has plenty of things going for him in this match and to bet against him would be a mistake.

    Would you like to know why?

Triple H Has the Power to Alter Matches

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    Yes, this is already a no-disqualification match but do you think if CM Punk wins, Triple H would put his ego aside and say Punk is the better man?

    Punk has been insulting the man's wife for the last number of weeks so to think Triple H would play fair is totally out of the question.  Imagine Punk getting HHH counted out.  HHH has the power to say that this is now a do-DQ, no-countout match and continue the match at that point.

    Don't mess with the powers that be.  That is the lesson here.  When you play the game, he makes the rules and has the power to change them whenever he wants and when he has a massive ego to boot, you're going to have to do a lot to destroy him.

Multiple Matches, Lengthy Feuds

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    If this feud goes past this Sunday, something will have to happen during the match to keep it going.  Picture a Triple H victory and Punk wants revenge.  Imagine Stephanie getting involved in this feud.  Her name has been thrown around a number of times.

    If Stephanie comes to that ring and Punk even goes near her, you can bet that a simple win won't be enough for Triple H.  He will want to beat him within an inch of his life.

    Punk would be off a couple weeks because of the beating, Triple H receives the heat for it and becomes the heel boss and the beating makes Punk want to come back and exact his revenge, as mentioned above.

    This could lead to a last man standing match and if Punk is the babyface in this scenario, that is the match he will win, beating Triple H at his own game at Survivor Series.

Kevin Nash

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    Raise your hand if you think Kevin Nash is no longer an employee at WWE.

    Of course this is just a slideshow so I wouldn't get to see you lift your hand but if you have been reading the news as of late, you will realize that this is merely a storyline and at Night of Champions, Nash will return.  Don't let the bad blood fool you.  It was meant to fool Punk so if you put up your hand, please put it down.

    Is Punk prepared for it?  He might be, he might not, that is the beauty of it all—the anticipation of whom Nash will jackknife.  Will it be the guy he was originally supposed to face or will it be the guy who was his best friend for 20 years and "fired" him on RAW.

    This could also spawn another match where Punk loses to Triple H because of Nash, making it two PPV's in a row where he gets powerbombed, leading to match at Survivor Series.

    It is possible Nash needs more time and the additional month of building could be what is best for the three involved.

    What do you think?

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