NBA Sleepers: Week 5

Dan BentonCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

The hype surrounding the New York Knicks is enough to distract any fantasy owner from looking at next week's lineup. Fantasy owners are looking to 2010 instead of concentrating on the here and now.

To bring you back down to earth, I have three sleepers for next week that you might just want to keep your eye on.

Andre Miller, PHI

This season, Miller has begun to show that he can be a scorer as well as a traditional point guard. He's averaging 15.5 points, 5.6 assists and nearly one steal in 33 minutes. 

This week, the Sixers travel to Charlotte and Boston while hosting Orlando and Chicago.  Miller has some favorable match-ups against these teams. 

In Charlotte he will face Raymond Felton and rookie DJ Augustin, in Boston it will be Rajon Rondo, against Orlando it's Jameer Nelson and against Chicago he sees rookie Derrick Rose. Miller has been in the league for nine years and will use that experience to his advantage when playing these younger guys.

The Sixers are 6-6 this season. The addition of Elton Brand has complimented the play of Andre Iguodala and Andre Miller both, and it's given Samuel Delambert some help in the post.

Miller has been able to exploit the addition of Brand by shooting more when there's too much coverage in the paint and passing it off when the big men are free. He will be able to continue that this week with the match-ups that the Sixers face. Make sure you get him in your lineup.

Luis Scola, HOU

Scola is entering his second year in the NBA after playing internationally for ten years.  He showed his worth to the Rockets when Yao Ming was injured and missed the end of last season.  This year, Scola is averaging 12.2 points and seven rebounds in 27 minutes of play. Houston travels to Miami and Denver this week while hosting San Antonio and Indiana. His toughest match-up will be on Saturday when the Rockets host the Spurs and he has to face Tim Duncan. The rest of the week he sees rookie Michael Beasley, Troy Murphy and Kenyon Martin. Scola has the experience needed to best these guys and still give Tim Duncan a tough match-up as well.

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