Bulls-Warriors: Rose Leads Bulls to First Road Win Of Season

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 21, 2008

Chicago pulled off their first road win of the season Friday night against the Golden State Warriors.

They shot a surprising 51.1 percent from the floor and made almost 50 percent of their three-pointers, hitting 10 of 23. They also went 93.8 percent from the free throw line hitting 15 of 16.

The Bulls and Warriors were dead even on rebounds, both collecting 39 of them. In a more interesting series of events, both teams had 12 offensive rebounds and 27 defensive rebounds.

Drew Gooden, after having a not so flattering evening on Wednesday, was able to haul in 16 rebounds, eight on offense and eight on defense.

The pace of the game was very even from beginning to end. Both teams were shooting well and running the ball well up and down the court.

Larry Hughes of Chicago erupted Friday night for 26 points and four rebounds. He went 5-7 from behind the arc and made 50 percent of his shots from the floor. He also shot 100 percent from the free throw line going 5-5.

Derrick Rose came back from his worst career start as a rookie on Wednesday and scored 25 points. Twelve of those points were in a fourth quarter push that put the Bulls ahead.

Chicago was outscored by one point at the end of the first and second quarter. The third quarter ended in a tie, which put the Bulls down by two. The Bulls, led by Rose, were able to surge past the relentless Warriors and outscore them 30-23 to win the game 115-110.

Lindsey Hunter, in his second game with the Bulls tonight, scored 10 points off the bench while Sefolosha, Gooden, and Gordon all added over double digits in scoring.  Nocioni was limited to four points in his 23 minutes of play.

There were three main scorers on the Warriors team tonight. Stephen Jackson exploded for 32 points, but hurt his team with eight turnovers, while Corey Maggette chipped in with 24 points and Andris Biedrins added 23 points. Biedrins was also Golden State's top rebounder with 10.

The Bulls move to 6-7 while the Warriors drop for 5-7. Chicago is just about at the halfway point of this circus road trip. So far they are 1-2. Their next opponents are the Utah Jazz, the Sacramento Kings, the Denver Nuggets and the Philadelphia 76ers.

There are two reasons tonight's win is significant for the Bulls. 

The first is that it is their first road win of the season. The second is that it shows fans that the Bulls haven’t given up.  It would have been very easy for Gordon, Rose, and the rest of the Bulls to give up on this road trip after the beating they suffered on Wednesday night, but they showed that they were not disheartened and came back out to play tonight.

The rest of the road trip will be difficult, but if Rose and the rest of the Bulls produce like they did tonight, we should be more pleased with the results for the next two weeks.