Pro Wrestling Countdown: Top Ten Cruiserweights

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 21, 2008

When you think of a Cruiserweight you think of a smaller guy that bounces off the ropes at break neck speed the whole match. Well that may be the case for some but some of the greatest cruiserweights were men who didn't fly through the ring, but used it to ground their opponent. Let’s see the best of both worlds in my first edition of "The Top Ten...”

10) Billy Kidman: He was sort of the embodiment of the Cruiserweight division. He was fast and flew of the top rope all of the time. When you thought of a Cruiserweight you would think of a guy like Billy Kidman and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Kidman’s best days were spent in WCW where he really got a chance to shine.

9) Taka Michinoku: You probably don’t remember this guy, but that’s okay. Let me refresh your memory. He tagged with Funaki back in the “Attitude Era” in the group Kai En Tai. Taka was one of the most talented athletes in the WWE at the time. Want and example?

Go look up the match he had with Agulia at Wrestlemania 14. That match is the first time I ever saw him and he absolutely blew me away. Thou not technically a cruiserweight he was a former WWF Lightweight Champion.

8) Paul London: This guy was the Cruiserweight division in the WWE for a few years. He only was a Cruiserweight Champion once, but London had a way of connecting with the fans and for some reason, I can’t really put my finger on it, they cared about this guy. People got really disappointed when he lost. That is something few other cruiserweights have. A connection with the fans.

7) Super Crazy: The Super Crazy you saw in the WWE was much less “Super” and not enough “Crazy” to be fairly compared to the Super Crazy I have watched in ECW. He was so reckless and unpredictable. It is almost as if no one taught him what death was and I'm glad they didn't because Crazy was a sight to see in ECW.

6) Chavo Guerrero: In a lot of ways Chavo was what the Cruiserweight division was all about. Talented technical athletes that where too small to amount to anything “big”. Thus Guerrero fit perfectly into the division. He can have good matches when he wants them and has great chemistry with the likes of his Unluce Eddie and, of course, Rey Mysterio.

He became one of the better WWE Cruiserweight Champions feuding with Rey Mysterio throughout Rey’s “Cruiserweight run”. All in all Chavo is talented wrestler who represented the division well.

5) Chris Jericho: Back when he was considered a cruiserweight in WCW Jericho was the arrogant Napoleon type pretty boy that everyone loved to hate. Did it work for him? Hell yes it did. He wasn’t a great Cruiserweight Champion, but he made such a believable heel and the cruiserweight division had very few great heels in its history. Of course Jericho has moved on to bigger and better things now.

4) Eddie Guerrero: He was one of the few wrestlers who had the muscle strength to compete against the ”big dogs” and still was fast enough to keep up with the cruiserweights. It didn’t matter where ECW, WCW, or the WWE Guerrero was one of the most gifted performers in the ring. He had such a great personality and charisma that went beyond any other wrestler I have ever seen. I miss his goofy character.

3) Rey Mysterio: He made the cruiserweight division in the WWE. He used the division to propel himself to the stardom every other cruiserweight dreamed for. He was a phenomina that everyone wanted to see (in his younger years). He is one of the most successful cruiserweights and he will always be remember as the one who broke the glass ceiling.

2) Gregory Helms: He has been a survivor. Helms has evolved and continues to evolve and adapt to his surroundings and that’s why he has been so successful. Helms’ reign as Cruiserweight Champion has been the highlight of his career and has given him a new found sense of credibility in the WWE and the wrestling world as a whole. Probably the best cruiserweight in the WWE, but the best ever is...

1) Dean Malenko: He was everything the Cruiserweight division was supposed to be. He was built up to look like the most dominant cruiserweight in WCW and he was. He had great match after great match with every cruiserweight in the division. His “Man of 1,000 Holds" persona gave him something to build on in his career and he took the idea and went with it and boy did it work.

He was probably the greatest thing to ever happen to WCW. Not Sting, not DDP, not Hogan, not Flair, but Dean Malenko. Malenko was the greatest cruiserweight to ever grace a wrestling ring and I’m sure you will agree with me in saying he deserves the recondition.