Kentucky Wildcats Take a Bite Out of the Georgia Bulldogs

Kirby MorrisCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2008

The Kentucky Wildcats had yet to win a game on the road before beating the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday night.

The Wildcats went into Stegemen Coliseum in Athens, Georgia and pulled off a hard fought victory against a scrappy, defensive-minded Bulldog team.

Early in the first half Ramel Bradley was fouled hard on a breakaway, a flagrant foul in my opinion by Georgia's Dave Bliss. Bradley suffered a concussion and had to get stitches on his chin.

He never returned to the game and Kentucky was left short-handed at the point guard position. Players like Ramon Harris, Joe Crawford and Michael Porter stepped up big to give the Wildcats crucial minutes.

Patrick Patterson was Kentucky's featured weapon by scoring 16 points, including at least 3 alley-oop dunks that rocked the arena, packed with both Georgia and Kentucky fans. It's a known fact that Kentucky travels well!

Patterson was an inside presence that Georgia couldn't stop as also he had his way on the boards. Joe Crawford, the other Wildcat to step up big, had 25 points, with most of them playing on a bad ankle.

This win for the Wildcats was not only their first on the road, but it was also one in which they were able to overcome some extreme adversity with there point guard going out early. They won with swarming defense, and key plays down the stretch. 

Kentucky is on a roll now, 5-3 in the SEC and a game over .500, with high expectations for the remainder of the season. They still have a huge matchup with Florida at home, but will face tough challenges against Tennessee and Vanderbilt on the road.

I think they can pull off a win against a quickly fading Vandy team and maybe get a two seed in the SEC Tournament. Who knows, maybe they will even make a run at it.

Just curious, I want to see what other people think: Does anyone travel better than Kentucky fans?

Is there anyone even close? Kentucky can play in Hawaii and there still will be a crowd. I was at the game on Saturday in Athens and I heard a Georgia fan say, and I quote, "Am I at a home game?"

I would love to hear your thoughts.