Night of Champions 2011: Miz & R-Truth to Become the New Tag Team Champions?

Justin HollowayCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2011

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The WWE Tag Team division has been in shambles for some time now, and the new COO, Triple H has ideas to reinvigorate it. Newly crowned WWE Tag Team Champs Air Boom have been booked to defend the belts against The Miz and R-Truth at the Night of Champions pay per view.

Both The Miz and R-Truth are big time players who have been climbing to the top of notoriety in the company for several months. Why do they need to win? Because Air Boom needs a rivalry to get themselves off the ground as a championship caliber tag team.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, a.k.a Air Boom, is a brand new team and both men need some time to work together and get on the same page towards a common goal. They've suddenly reached the top of the tag team division, as it stands now. It's time for Air Boom to find a real challenging team to take on and solidify their title reign with a defense or recapturing of the belts. But, to be honest, I think they're too fresh a team to hold the belts for a long reign at this point.

I also think the WWE missed the boat a bit in regards to the title change. Otunga and McGillicutty were struggling to get respect from the WWE Universe and confirm themselves as worthy WWE Tag Team Champions. Dropping the belts to a brand new team did nothing to help that. There should have been at least two non-title matches between the teams before giving them a shot at the gold. But they wanted to shake things up, and they did, by giving us a very sudden title change.

It's vital to the WWE's future to get the tag team division back to its former glory and make the WWE Tag Team title a prestigious goal that young talent want to reach for. You don’t see many talents cutting promos that their team will one day be the new WWE Tag Team Champions. The appeal of the belts needs to improve altogether. Bring some entertainment back the tag team matches.

R-Truth has been as entertaining, if not more so, than anyone in the WWE title picture in recent months. He’s very athletic and holds his own against the top performers in the WWE today. His latest gimmick shift is hilarious and catching on nicely. I sometimes catch myself spelling the word conspiracy after I say it these days…

C-o-n…spiracy. Good enough, right ‘lil Jimmy?

R-Truth has had some great matches as of late and I look forward to seeing what he’ll bring to this WWE Tag Team title match. He has a good look, good promo skills, and plenty of experience to lead a great career in the industry. With the right wing-man he could be an awesome addition to the tag team division, and I think The Miz is the best wing-man you can get.

The Miz annoyed me at first. He was overconfident, downright cocky in the ring and didn’t bring the skills needed to back it up. But his promos are great, he seems to be a natural talker, and his in-ring skills have been improving with every match. He now seems to be solid enough to lend his skills to a great stable or tag team.

Thus, a relationship with R-Truth began backstage amidst a conversation about behind the scenes conspiracies. These powers-that-be seemingly set a conspiracy in place to keep R-Truth and The Miz from reaching the heights they claim to be worthy of within the WWE. So now they’re demanding a shot for the WWE Tag Team Title. Can two mid-card workers like Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston hold their own against the Conspiracy Brothers?


Evan Bourne is as close to a ninja as the WWE has today. He’s quiet and super quick in his matches. I enjoy watching him in the ring, but he needs some charisma to match. I haven’t heard a promo from him recently and it leads me to believe he’s still too green in some areas. He has the skills, that’s obvious. Now he needs to figure out who he is as a performer and live that role to the fullest. Amplify his attitude and charisma and he could be headlining a WrestleMania down the road. But for now he just keeps on smiling to the fans and being quiet elsewhere. I think the same issues have been the bane for his tag team partner Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston is amazing in the ring and has all the young fans in his pocket. But he’s missing an edge, or a dark side to his gimmick. He looks to be the new Rey Mysterio, never to turn heel and always filling the gap to entertain the kids when they get bored. I want to see Kofi Kingston thrive in this revitalized tag team division. He could be WWE Champion someday down the road if he plays his cards right. But first he should cut his teeth a bit by taking the tag team division to new heights, alongside his boy Evan Bourne.

Finally, let’s talk about that tag team name for a moment shall we?

Air Boom...


I’ve heard some subpar tag team names in the past, but that one is near the top. I know it was polled to the fans. But, the WWE has to realize that fans of both Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston probably have an average age of 10 to 14. In any case, let’s hope once they recapture the belts they decide to change their image to something a bit more unified and serious, starting with the name.

Comment with your thoughts and predictions.

As always, thanks for reading! -J.