Manny: The Unrepentant Left Fielder

dan SmithContributor INovember 21, 2008

In this most recent of political seasons, there have been the typical pundits - "pundificating" if you will. Many Americans do not understand that, first and foremost, these pundits jobs are to get ratings. The fact that they do it - on both sides - using whatever ethos seems to fit the demographic they are going after, is but a tactic in the overall strategy to get you to watch. Since this is an Apolitical Blog - 99% of the time - we will leave that topic for the pundits.
However, there was one Pundit - who recently coined the term "Unrepentant Terrorist" when referring to William Ayers. As I was watching the story come across the wire last week about how the Red Sox had actually drafted a letter of suspension with regard to Manny Ramirez, and the fall out after that story broke, it struck me - what better term for Manny than the Unrepentant Left Fielder.
One final note on the Pundit that came up with the whole Unrepentant thing, I really think you out did yourself with this one, I actually kind of admire it. It kind of has a biblical sound to it.
The Prodigal Son
The Good Samaritan
The Unrepentant Left Fielder - I LIKE IT!!!!
In my last post, I mentioned to my "Non-American Football" brethren that in Baseball - numbers mean everything, with one exception, and Manny is that exception. Actually he isn't, but probably should be. His agent is worse - at least his agent is smart enough to comprehend reality. Seriously with regard to agents - if Dante were to write The Inferno today, it is likely that he would have included a special Rosenhaus / Borass level in hell. NEXT QUESTION!!!
Back to the Red Sox drafting their letter of suspension. Let Us Review.
Manny Refused to play - why? Idiot- or to force a trade - which would be perfect for his agent.
Manny shoved the 65 year old traveling secretary to the ground in Houston. Hey anyone know the statue of limitations on that guy filing charges against the guy.
He got in to fight with Youk in the Dugout.
However - He is one of the best hitters ever.
Let me ask you this - if Robert Hanssen was a great hitter would you look the other way?
I would hope not. Any team looking to sign Manny shouldn't look the other way either.
The best quote from last week had to come from his agent Scotty Borass - When told of the story - he actually was quoted as saying - "The bottom line is he was never suspended and there was never cause for suspension," I wonder how long Scottys nose grew after telling that one? he went on to say,  "The intent to suspend is not a suspension"  er- Right on Scott? Last week Scotty B made the statement that they were ready to accept serious offers Well, Scott being ready- or rather the intent - to accept a Serious offer does not mean you will get a Serious offer. I seriously hope Manny takes a huge hit - because of his antics. Actually not a huge hit, maybe just as big of a hit that anyone else who happens to "work" for a living would take - given the same circumstances.