Donnie Walsh Follows Through on Promise To Knicks Fans

Rob MazziniContributor INovember 21, 2008

Earlier today, the New York Knicks traded their leading scorer in an effort to get under the salary cap.

Now, Donnie Walsh has come through on his maxim, preparing for the run on the 2010 class of free agents by trading Zach Randolph and the little used Mardy Collins to the Clippers for Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley.

This trade damages the Knicks chances to get into the playoffs this season, but it is a serious breath of fresh air for the franchise.

The discussion of the Knicks getting under the salary cap has seemed, in the past, like an almost comical party line designed to calm fans down after bad trades, draft picks or lack of moves.

Now, in just a few months, Donnie Walsh has come in and showed he is a man of action.

As is, the Knicks are looking at being approximately $28 million under the cap in 2010. They will still need to re-sign David Lee (if he still wants to be in New York), but to go through one or two years of growing pains for a franchise that hasn't looked good since 1999 is a small price to pay.

Mike D'Antoni will be left to try to make the remaining pieces work, but based on what he's been able to do so far, the Knicks should still put a competitive and entertaining team on the floor.

Nate Robinson, Wilson Chandler, and David Lee are all fan favorites for a reason.

Add in Al Harrington and the soon-to-return Jared Jeffries and the team looks to be pretty tough, though a little offensively challenged.

With Thomas and Mobley, who is not happy about the trade, scheduled to be off the books at the end of next season, look for another trade or possible a buyout to get younger players on the team after next year's draft.

All these moves focusing on the Knicks' future have definitely changed the make up of the team, but a move in the right direction should please fans who are tired of New York's penchant for bringing in big money, multi-year contract, over-the-hill stars that don't produce anymore.