In The Numbers: Oklahoma Vs. Texas Tech

Justin ThomasContributor INovember 21, 2008

When was the last time Texas Tech lost?

It was November 10th, 2007. That game was at Texas in a one-sided loss that ended 59-43 along with a Mike Leach bashing session of the officials.

The very next week, the number four team in the nation marched in to Lubbock, Texas only to be upended 34-27. 

That team was Oklahoma.

For Tech, there has not been a blemish on their record yet since that glorious day of wrecking BCS dreams for a good Oklahoma team.

Now we go into the numbers to get a look at the comparison (on paper) of the big game this Saturday night.



Oklahoma is ranked 24th nationally in their rushing offense.  This could be because their great passing game leads to some running room through draw plays or through the defense backing up to defend the ultimate threat of a great passing game.

Texas Tech is ranked 73rd nationally in rushing offense.  This is probably a misleading statistic due to Graham Harrell's arm and passing statistics.


Of course the passing game is essential to both teams.  Texas Tech is ranked first while Oklahoma is ranked third in passing offense.  Both teams rely heavily on the pass with their great quarterback play.


Again, we all know that going in to this game there will be no lack of scoring as Oklahoma is ranked first in scoring with Texas Tech is third in scoring.  Should be lights out on the scoreboard.


Who knew that Tech and Oklahoma would be top five in total offense?  It was a pretty easy guess.  Tech is ranked second, and Oklahoma is ranked fourth.

Edge: The edge has to go to Oklahoma on paper. The rushing stats really hurt Tech in the on paper match up so the edge goes to Oklahoma in this category.



This category is very close. Tech has the advantage by one spot being 20th in rush defense while Oklahoma is right behind them in 21st place. 


In the lower quarter of defenses lies these two teams passing defenses.  Oklahoma is 93rd in the nation against Texas Tech's 98th ranked passing D.  This may be these teams catalyst for scoring on demand and having the top offenses in the nation, or they may just be that good.


Tech has the advantage in scoring D.  They are ranked 46th nationally while the Sooners are ranked 57th.  Do these teams really need defensive scoring though? In this game, possibly.


In total defense, Oklahoma leads Tech by being ranked 55th to 60th, respectively.

Edge: The edge goes to Texas Tech in the defensive battle, by a slim margin.  Are they strong enough to slow down the Sooners passing attack though?

What does this mean?

You want to know what this means?  Well, by all means I will tell you what I think it means.

This game is more than numbers on paper, but both teams have an edge.  The key in this game will be defense.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't mean consistent defensive stands.  I mean at least one (1) defensive stand through the whole game.

Turnovers are also a key to this game.

With that said, I think since I am looking at the game on paper that Tech has the advantage according to my "Defense will make the game" comment.  The numbers are on their side for defense in this particular game.

What I really think (aka no paper numbers):

I think this game is the time for Bob Stoops to reclaim his title as "Big Game Bob".  The time is now if this team wants to make a possible run at the BCS title game.  There is a lot of emotion in this game including payback for being upset last year in Lubbock. The fans would love nothing more than to see a payback screwing the Red Raiders out of the BCS title game as well.

Norman, Oklahoma is the site.  Sam Bradford vs. Graham Harrell. Mike Leach vs. Bob Stoops.

Who knows what can happen when so much is at stake?  This week will prove if this Texas Tech team is the real deal as a championship contender this year. 

Let the debates begin....