Survivor Series: The Champ Returns!

Bill IvieContributor INovember 21, 2008

This Sunday at Survivor Series LIVE from the TD BankNorth Garden in Boston Massachusetts, John Cena makes his return.  After a three-month absence due to neck surgery, he returns for Gold.


I don’t care if you love him or hate him; John Cena is the face of the WWE.  His return will be greatly appreciated by the kids and the ladies, oh how the ladies love him.


He puts butts in seats (whether you pay to see him win or see him get his ass kicked), his merchandise is the first to sell out, and he gets the loudest reaction.  Usually he gets a mix of jeers and cheers. 


To me it is interesting to note that Cena’s first match back will be for the World Title.  His return will not generate much buzz or attract more PPV buys. 


Cena’s return to the ring while not as dramatic or climatic as the following returns to the ring following a long break:


Hulk Hogan 1994 WCW Bash at the Beach:  Hulk Hogan returned to the   ring following  a  year long hiatus filming “Thunder in Paradise”.  His last match prior to his in ring return was a WWF title loss to Yokozuna at the 1993 King of the Ring.  Wrestling for a new company, new fans, unfortunately with same dead gimmick.  He did not create the big buzz WCW was after until the 1996 Bash when he joined Hall and Nash to form the nWo.


Triple H the First RAW of 2002:  Triple H’s return from quadriceps surgery was LIVE on RAW from Madison Square Garden.  The crowd was hot and ready for him to return.  However, Kurt Angle found out first hand The Game was back and badder than ever, as HHH threw his name into the Royal Rumble.  At Wrestlemania XVIII, he became the second Undisputed Champion beating Chris Jericho.


Shawn Michaels Summer Slam 2002:  Shawn Michaels returned after almost five years with a very severe back injury.  He and Triple H put on one hell of a show that night in Long Island in an Unsanctioned Match.  We got to see glimpses of the Shawn Michaels of old leaping off a ladder and putting Triple H through a table.  He got the win via small package and took a sledgehammer blow to the back.  He was back at the Survivor Series for the first Elimination Chamber match and won the World Heavyweight title.


I guess looking back on those three returns, one can only assume Cena will win the Title.  I just don’t see it happening Sunday.  I believe it will be in Houston, Texas at Wrestlemania 25 vs. Batista. 


The only question left will be will he follow in the foot steps of the current Champ Chris Jericho and turn heel.  Only time will tell.  I for one, hope so.  That will create the buzz the WWE is looking for and needs so desperately needs from the Franchise.