WWE/TNA Fallen Hero Jeff Hardy Asks for One More Chance; Does He Deserve It?

Double A .Correspondent IISeptember 10, 2011

Have you ever been driving down the freeway, enjoying life, listening to your favorite song, only to look up and see traffic at a complete standstill?

You scratch your head as it isn't typical traffic time and a few moments later see a cross dresser in a sparkly dress, carrying his/her heels and a suitcase down the highway and realize that is why traffic has halted?

Welcome to San Diego, where apparently we stop to watch anything. My point is, people always stop to watch a burning car, a cross-dresser doing the walk of shame, or any disturbance along the highway of life. We are a curious bunch by nature. Last night, the car-wreck cross dresser of TNA made his return.

An emotional and remorseful Jeff Hardy emerged from obscurity and made an appearance at TNA IMPACT. He received a decent reaction from the crowd and appealed to the fans for one more chance.

Fans seemed receptive to his pleas and apologies, which is not surprising. Even though he practically pissed on his own career and all of his fans months prior, there is no denying the magic Hardy brings to the ring and the void that he left. 

I guess the question that is weighing on my mind is does he deserve one more chance? Has he really changed? Have we as fans finally seen the last of a sloppy, substance-fueled performance? Or does this new and improved Jeff Hardy come to us now that his courtroom battle is over?

After watching a few people battle addiction in my family, perhaps I am a bit jaded when it comes to recovery and "one more chance." It has been my experience that you get pissed on a whole lot more than you see a true change occur in someone, and as a long time Jeff Hardy fan, I'm a little tired of getting pissed on, so to speak.

It saddened me to watch him finally reach the top of WWE and fizzle out. It pained me to explain his drug situation and "wrestling," or lack thereof, on TNA to my 9-year-old nephew. Then, as more details started to come out about his court case, I was a little disgusted. 

Fans sending drugs to Jeff Hardy? Intent to distribute? It just blew my mind. Ten days in jail? Is all of this enough for Hardy to finally have reached rock bottom and take his life seriously?

I sincerely hope so.

He has tremendous talent, is a father and brother, and has a lot to live for and be proud of. He could hang up his boots today and I would be okay with that, as long as he leaves the train wreck tendencies behind.

Cautiously, I am willing to watch and give Jeff Hardy one more chance. 

Are you?