Providence Crystal Ball Episode #2: Dartmouth

Friar BlogContributor INovember 18, 2008

Welcome to the “Providence Crystal Ball”.  What is PCB you ask?  PCB is going to attempt to simulate every Providence game using a CPU vs. CPU matchup using “College Hoops 2K8”. College Hoops has been extremely accurate in predicting games, compiling a 4,789-7 record last year (unofficial number, give or take 4,000)

Well the pilot edition got off to a horrendous start when it predicted a huge win for the Friars.  We all know how that one turned out.

This week let’s take a look how “College Basketball 2K8” predicts tonight’s game against Dartmouth of the Ivy League.  So far PCB has a record of 0-1.

Note: I didn’t ask my cousin this week for the commentary because I wasn’t able to record until a few hours before the game.

Absolute trainwreck for the Big Green. EIGHT, that’s right EIGHT of 48 from the field, for a whopping 16% field goal percentage.

Brian McKenzie led the game in scoring with 20 points (and almost outscoring Dartmouth by himself).

Good Omens: PC out-rebounded Dartmouth 45-25

Bad Omens: PC shot 7/14 from the foul line.

Interesting Fact: Jamine Peterson saw some action in the game.  Hmm, does that mean Kellogg’s knee injury is worse than we think? Or is it because I just forgot to drop Peterson from the game roster due to his possible red-shirting? (cue X-Files music)