Manny Pacquiao Workout Photo Gallery in Preparation for De La Hoya

Diamond BoxingContributor INovember 18, 2008

The Pacman looking fit demonstrated to the media today at the Wild Card Gym in L.A. his speed and power. Pacquiao looking great at his current weight of 151 pounds pounded the mitts of head trainer Freddy Roach in an intense workout session attended by Diamond Boxing. Pacquiao is in deep preparation for his December 6 clash with the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya.

Full Media Day Photo Coverage

Pacquiao pounds the mitts

Pacman focused and ready for De La Hoya on Dec. 6th as he trains with Roach

Pacman is ready to go on December 6th

Manny practicing his defense

Manny says this is the hardest he ever trained for a fight

Manny Pacquiao says he is ready for De La Hoya

Manny warming up before workout

Pacquiao power shot

Manny showing the press how he is going to pound De La Hoya 

Pacquiao super quick on the speed bag

Manny jumping rope to get down to 147 pounds

Amir Khan getting ready for his training session at the Wild Card Gym in L.A.

Amir Khan focused as he gets ready for his December 6th bout in the UK 

Amir Khan pounding it out with Freddy Roach

Pacquiao takes a bow

Manny Pacquiao all business

Pacquiao after his workout on media day

Manny in deep thought while getting stretched out

Pacquiao gets ready for his workout on media day

Manny stretching it out prior to his workout

Manny smiles when talking about what he is going to do to Oscar

Bobby Pacquiao training at Wild Card Gym in L.A.

Not Double vision it’s Bobby Pacquiao training at Wild Card Gym in L.A.

Manny Pacquiao taking questions from the press on media day

Freddy Roach talking it up with Al Bernstein

Bobby Pacquiao preparing for his bout against Robert Frankel on November 20

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