Randall Cobb's 108-Yard Kickoff Return Was the Greatest Play in NFL History

Adam ReiterCorrespondent IIISeptember 9, 2011

Last night's NFL season opener between the last two Super Bowl champions, the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints was an amazing way to kick off a season that nearly wasn't.

From Aaron Rodgers 1st quarter for the ages, to Darren Sproles proving he belongs in "The Big Easy", and everything in between, the Sains and Packers put on a show for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world.

Yet, despite all of the great moments on the field, one moment soared above the rest. So far, it has to be considered one of the greatest plays in NFL history.

Only four men in NFL history have pulled off longer plays, and only one of them really had to deal with any obstructions during their plays:

Antonio Cromartie: Cromartie holds the NFL record for longest play with a 109 yard touchdown scored on a missed field goal on November 4th, 2007 against the Minnesota Vikings. When Ryan Longwell's 58 yard field goal came up a few feet shy of the goal post, Cromartie leaped and caught the ball, just barely staying in bounds. He then took off down the right sideline and coasted into the end zone, no Vikings coming within feet of even touching him

Devin Hester: A year before Cromartie did it, Hester pulled off a nearly identical feat, returning Jay Feely's missed 52 yard field goal, also running the ball back down the right sideline, as the Giants' special teams unit made a more valiant effort than the Vikings, but still never came close to bringing down Hester as he raced into the end zone.

Ellis Hobbs: Hobbs is the 1st 108+ yard man who had to deal with some contact. In a 2007 game against the Jets, Hobbs returned the opening kickoff in overtime 108 yards, breaking a tackle inside his own 20, before taking off with a wall of blockers the remaining 80 yards, clinching a Patriots win.

Ed Reed: Out of the four plays listed here, this was probably the best one. In a game against the Eagles in November of 2008, Reed picked off a Kevin Kolb pass eight yards deep in his own end zone, and took off, breaking four tackles during the run back, as his pick-six sealed a Ravens win over the Eagles.

Cobb's return on Thursday top Reed's return based on several factors: Though Reed broke four tackles, only one of them was a true tackle. The other three were nothing more than an arm being stuck out and hoping Reed would just fall down. Cobb was completely spun around during his return..