Mark Cuban: The Email Heard Around the World

mark murrellCorrespondent INovember 20, 2008

I love to see that my civil servicemen are hard at working making America a better place. Check out an email thread between our beloved SEC and Mark Cuban.

How about some other fishy facts related to the latest charge against Mark Cuban?

This excerpt speaks to how the email thread above came to be:

An interesting twist to this is the timing of the SEC’s complaint. The complaint comes some five years after Cuban’s stock sale. While it might well be just a coincidence, according to the New York Times the complaint came after a lawyer for the SEC sent Cuban a letter questioning his patriotism for helping with the distribution of a documentary entitled “Loose Change,” which claims that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job planned by President Bush and other U.S. officials. The SEC lawyer proceeded to report (rat on) Cuban’s involvement with the film to SEC Chairman Chris Cox. The SEC then filed its insider-trading complaint against Cuban.

This excerpt speaks to a situation where the SEC decided to be more hush-hush about certain circumstances:

McCain's Finance Mgr. is a Felon!
By Steve Duskin - Unexcited - Mar 20th, 2008 at 10:13 pm EDT
The Bribee just got sentenced yesterday. Malek settled with the SEC (which has become a toothless lapdog under Christopher Cox, who WROTE the law that keeps you from suing corporate wrongdoers, by the way) a couple of years ago, admitting to acts which are clear Class 1 felonies. But, did Gonzales' DOJ investigate or prosecute? Of course not! Why not? Because Freddie Malek was a partner with George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers, and is the fixer who brought in Tom Hicks' money and got the Arlington City Council to assume ALL the risk of a new stadium!

All quite interesting tidbits. I am still looking for a curious connections and conspiracies, so let me know if you have some insight.

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