Top 10 WWE Moments of 2011 (So Far)

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2011

Top 10 WWE Moments of 2011 (So Far)

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    So far in 2011, the WWE has given us many memorable moments. From quality matches to historic promos, many of these moments have left us wanting more. Whether it's CM Punk or Captain Charisma, these moments put us on the edges of our seats, eager to see what would happen next. Some of these moments have left us stunned and angry, but that's the ride of emotions that is WWE.

Honorable Mentions:

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    These moments didn't exactly make the cut, but are still among the top moments of 2011 at this point.


    - Daniel Bryan wins Money In The Bank


    - Triple H Fires Vince McMahon


    - Alberto Del Rio wins the 2011 Royal Rumble


    - Stone Cold attacks Michael Cole and signs his WrestleMania match contract


    - CM Punk returns after Money In The Bank


10. Rock Bottom to John Cena at WrestleMania

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    No, I'm not a John Cena hater, I'm actually a John Cena fan, just not the way WWE has built him up. This moment at WrestleMania was one of the highlights of the show, as we saw "The Great One" take it to Cena, possibly a prelude to what we will see at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami.

    This moment electrified the "millions and millions," and should go down as one of the top moments of 2011.

9. Kevin Nash Returns at Summerslam, Alberto Del Rio Wins the WWE Championship

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    Just one of the many moments of 2011 that has taken the WWE Universe by storm.

    Kevin Nash hadn't been seen for months, and hadn't wrestled in WWE for years, and yet he attacked CM Punk following Punk's match with John Cena. The storyline has since lost steam, but at the time it was one of the most exciting things we'd seen in months.

    After Nash took out Punk, Alberto Del Rio decided to cash in his Money In The Bank contract, where he easily won the WWE Championship. Any time a MITB contract is cashed in, it deserves to be a top moment of the year.

8. Triple H and Undertaker Return to Raw

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    For weeks, the "2.21.11" promo captured the imagination of the WWE Universe. Many believed Sting to be behind the promo, but as weeks went by, it became more clear that The Undertaker was the returning star.

    What few expected was the return of Triple H as well. As The Undertaker was making his return, Triple H interrupted, capping off one of the most exciting moments of the year.

7. Shawn Michaels Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

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    Following his final WrestleMania match with The Undertaker, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Shawn Michaels was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Arguably the most decorated Superstar in WWE History, and arguably the greatest of all time.

    As expected, he was inducted in by his real-life best friend, Paul Levesque (Triple H). When a Superstar with a legacy like Shawn Michaels has  gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, it is definitely one of the most noteworthy moments of the year.

6. The Undertaker Goes to 19-0

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    Though it may not have been as acclaimed as the streak matches at WrestleMania XXV and WrestleMania XXVI, Triple H vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII was spectacular. The outcome was fairly predictable, but exciting nonetheless. Every WrestleMania match for The Undertaker is an event, and this year's was no exception. 

5. Christian Wins the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules

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    After many years in the company, Christian finally won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. His title reign only lasted for a few days, but he found himself holding the championship again a few months later. A long-awaited moment for Christian and his "Peeps," and one that should go down as a top moment of the year.

4. CM Punk's Historical Promo on Monday Night Raw

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    On June 27th, CM Punk cut one of the most historic promos the WWE Universe has ever seen. Not recently has a promo gathered so much attention and immediately changed the future of the WWE. So many things have come from CM Punk's promo, including his current feud with WWE COO Triple H. Not only was this promo historic, but it truly showed off the ability of one of WWE's greatest assets.

3. Edge Is Forced to Retire Due to Injury

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    Earlier this year, one of the greatest Superstars of all-time, Edge, was forced to retire due to injury. Edge's career was not yet done, as he was still holding the World Heavyweight Championship when he received the news. His final moments on Raw and SmackDown were some of the greatest so far this year, and I'm sure we will someday see more from "The Rated-R Superstar."

2. The Rock Returns to Monday Night Raw.

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    "Finally The Rock has come back...home." In my opinion, the most electrifying segment of the year so far, just listen to the pop from the crowd when The Rock's music hits. Though he hasn't kept his promise of "never leaving again," The Rock did provide us with some exciting moments, and he is likely to provide us with more as he returns for next year's WrestleMania.

    After 7 years, The Rock returned, and returned like no other could. His charisma was as strong as ever, and for a few minutes, the Attitude Era had returned.

1. CM Punk Wins the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank

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    At Money in the Bank, WWE provided us with not only one of the most exciting moments of the year, but possibly the decade. The crowd in CM Punk's hometown was unbelievable, as WWE finally made a smart decision. The electricity as Punk won the championship was incomparable, and it seems as if CM Punk his finally made it to the top of WWE, where he will likely stay for the rest of his long career.