Bernard Hopkins vs. Randy Couture: 10 Reasons We Wish It Would Happen

HJ MaiCorrespondent IISeptember 8, 2011

Bernard Hopkins vs. Randy Couture: 10 Reasons We Wish It Would Happen

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    Yes, it is another story about the never-ending discussion of who would win in a fight between a boxer and a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, and because it is a never-ending discussion, here is chapter 271,134 (the number of Google results about this topic).

    This chapter takes a look at two of the oldest fighters in each sport: boxer Bernard Hopkins, 46, and MMA fighter Randy Couture, 48.

    However, instead of telling you who would win, I will tell you why everybody should wish for this fight to happen. 

1. To End the Debate

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    I guess that’s the most obvious of all points. It would put an end to the discussion of which sport produces the better fighters.

    Well, at least as long as no conspiracy theories arise from the losing fan base. 

2. Old Men Fighting

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    Why those two should fight? Because they are about the same age (Hopkins, 46, and Couture, 48) and both have shown that age does not equal decreasing performance.

    It also attracts a greater audience. Now Grandpa can watch the fight with his grandson, both knowing the contenders. 

3. To See Couture Boxing

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    This is a very selfish reason, but I guess a single fight would not cut it for me.

    To determine which style of fighting is superior, the two would have to fight at least three times.

    One time according to boxing rules, the other time according to MMA rules and if a decisive third fight is necessary, change the rules every round.

    Let’s find out how good of a fighter Couture is, when he can only use his fists. 

4. To See Hopkins Not Boxing

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    The same reason applies to Hopkins.

    People want to see a 46-year-old boxer showing off his skills in an octagon against an opponent who tries to kick his head off. 

5. Entertainment

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    The entertainment value of a suggested best-of-three series would be off the charts.

    Two old timers fighting it out just to prove the point that their sport produces the tougher fighters represents a new high of sports entertainment: It is heroic, honorable and a little bit crazy.

    Go Gladiators!

6. Party Time

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    With entertainment value like that, the pay-per-view prices will be skyrocketing.

    So why not share some of your wealth and invite friends and family to watch the fight with you?

    Even the worst fight turns into a spectacle with the right company.

    I personally haven’t had a fight night party since Lewis vs. Klitschko in 2003.

7. Couture the Good

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    It is also a fight between good and evil.

    Couture is the golden boy who won state championships in high school, had wresting training at the highest level and served his country in the U.S. Army.

8. Hopkins the Bad

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    Hopkins, on the other hand, was sent to prison at age 17 for robbery and has been stabbed three times in his early teens.

    Hopkins had to figure out how to fight on the streets and in the ring.

    Who are you cheering for?

9. To Rub It in the Face of Boxing Fans

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    The most important reason for every MMA fan is the bragging right that would come with a win over Hopkins.

    If Couture wins against Hopkins, the whole MMA community will take advantage of the chance and end every future discussion about the topic with:

    “Couture won, period.”

10. To Rub It in the Face of MMA Fans

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    Just like No.9, only with a slight difference.

    Boxing fans will say:

    “Hopkins won. There’s your answer.”