Was Paul Ince the Right Man for Blackburn Rovers?

Ollie TaylorContributor INovember 21, 2008

It is 13 games into the season and Blackburn sit in the relegation zone. Should the alarm bells be ringing for Rovers fans?

Paul Ince was a bit of a surprise appointment at Ewood Park. After a hugely successful season at MK Dons, winning the Football League Trophy in March and the League Two title in May, Ince was hot property.

The general consensus, however, seemed to be Ince wasn't ready for the Premiership. Leicester City came in for Ince and he was widely expected to sign up at the Walker Stadium.

He knocked them back however, and just a matter of days later shocked many by being the man to take the helm at Blackburn.

Taking Ray Mathias with him, he looked to improve the squad for the forthcoming season. He was met by a mini-exodus however. Brad Friedel jumped ship, and David Bentley was sold on to Spurs.

Ince bolstered the squad with winger Vince Grella, Keith Andrews, and Chilean Carlos Villanueva. He replaced Friedel with Paul Robinson, a solid signing.

Overall, it looks clear that the squad has diminished in terms of quality. Andrews may have just scored his first international goal, but I'd be be surprised if many have even heard of the others.

Was this down to Ince's lack of knowledge of the higher-end transfer market? Mathias would hardly have brought a knowledge of top-flight football.

Look at the result, it looks as though Rovers should get ready for a season of struggle. It begs the question, was Ince the right man?

There are other candidates that could have done the job. Gary Johnson and Sam Allardyce are just two names of the top of my head.

It's great to see a manager learn his stuff at lower league level, but perhaps Blackburn should have left Ince to learn his trade for a bit longer.